By Bubba - 23/09/2009 20:48 - United States

Today, I bought a fish bowl and a fish for $15. I brought him home and sat him on my desk. Everything was going well until the shelf gave out and his bowl slid off of the shelf... onto my $2,000 computer. The computer is fried and is not covered by the insurance, the fish is fine. FML
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stacysmom 0

What? Did you WANT the fish to get hurt?


hahah wow. There are so many "cheap stuff and then expensive stuff getting ruined" stories on this site. I wasn't aware a goldfish cost $5... the economy now. psh. And I've never seen a goldfish on a shelf....

FaperPairy 0

The OP didn't say it was a goldfish... and fish aren't always cheap little things. Anyway. God, that would suck. :(

Exactly what #4 said. $5 is about right for a fancy betta. I used to breed them.

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Guess what I don't have to deal with? Viruses, a slow internet connection, or crashes. Guess what I own? An HP HDX 16 laptop with Windows Vista (you know, the really shitty OS). Giess what helps? Not being a complete retard when it comes to using a computer. Thanks for proving that Mac owners just buy into Steve Jobs's bullshit because it's a Mac.

DeadMansCrack 4

a goldfish only costs a couple cents at walmart. must not have been a goldfish.

When your looking up information about your fish like how it can breath underwater, and how it can move fast and slow even though it doesn't have a button to turn it on either speed maybe he wanted to examine the fish as he was doing this next time just dont put all your weight on the fish at the bottom of the fish bowl to see if when it gets angry it has super fish powers, although if you were right, it might have been worth the computer

He is obviously is overplaying the price of the computer. Its probably a basic desktop pc, maybe 600 or so.

I've had a computer for about 2500 bucks. It wasn't bad when I got it but you could still get more if you paid some more, and even now there are people buying computers for 3k+ dollars. You don't know anything about OP, maybe she works with photo editing or something, that takes some power.

"I've let it go" Obviously not if you're still replying.

First of all, did you fail first grade math? I'm not 18. Second of all, what makes you think I need your advice? Your intelligence? That's laughable, if I put it nicely. Your insight? Same thing. Really. Third of all, you say something offensive, expect someone to get offended. You hardly affected my day or put me in a bad mood, but I'm not going to just say, "Well, that's nice." I reiterate, you're an idiot. I don't care what you would be doing, I'm calling you names. Why? Well, because you are one. Don't like it? Don't live up to them. FYI, I'm perfectly capable of "letting things go". That has nothing to do with "growing up". I just think you're an asshole who adds nothing to this site. Your comment was stupid, antagonistic, and sardonic. I have far more fun repeatedly burying your comments and amusing myself with your spelling/grammar than I ever could just ignoring it.

please tell me he isnt an unregistered directed at plexico and intoxicunt :( hotlobbies2= big bucket of go die

Really, hotlobbies2? Letting it go does not mean continuing to pick an argument. And you're telling her to get a hobby when clearly you have nothing else to do except *attempt* to insult Intoxicunt and Plexico? Not only that, but you even fail at insulting. Please, **** off.

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Choke on your own shit you dumb ****. (another sixteen year old bastard strung my nerves today,this one tipped it)

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YDI for buying a fish in the first place.

If you actually need to take extra time to write properly, you're not "educated". If you take extra time with your writing and STILL make mistakes (check your verb tenses), you're not even close.

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Hi my name is plexico and im kool. Oh wait now I'm Intoxicunt and I am certainly not a geek.

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What? Did you WANT the fish to get hurt?

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Uh-oh fight on FML. lol, just kidding, but "hotlobbies" aren't you doing exactly what the rest of us are doing(commenting on FML's)? Save that geek/who's cool and who's not crap for middle school.

Ok, so the comments are just ****** all to hell. I said "you fail" to hotlobbies, not the other person. I WISH SOMEONE WOULD FIX THESE COMMENTS. *Cough*

Hi, plexico, that's my name, too! What a small world. There are three things that if you have to say you are, then you are not: 1) Cool 2) Smart 3) Fair and Balanced

Mr. & Mrs. Burress. They spelled it Plaxico, but pronounced it "plexico." There is your answer, dipshit. And speaking of names, please refer to item 1) in the list above.

Now you know not to put a fish bowl, especially with one full of water, near a computer.

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Sorry didn't mean to reply. FML is being weird.

um, what happened to the bowl? ydi for putting your fish on a shelf. Lol revenge for being neglected. ha.

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I knew Intoxicunt would reply within the first 10 posts. Not doing much for yourself there baby cakes.

thank god the fish is ok. a computer is not a living thing, ya it sucks that its broken cause that is a lot of money, but a fish is alive, its an animal. ppl like u should not be allowed to own pets.

You people are dumb, and cheap. Too bad $2000 is standard for a decent Mac. The Macbook I'm using right now was about $1500 and I've had it for years, & it still works like brand new. Spending that much on a computer is worth it when you don't have to waste time with viruses and crashing and slow internet connection. AND, creepy, when I was in line today at the pet store getting crickets for my lizard, the guy in front of me bought a fish & a bowl that came out to $15. o_0

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Well the Fish survived :) o and next time don't put a fish bowl near a computer