By Bubba - United States
Today, I bought a fish bowl and a fish for $15. I brought him home and sat him on my desk. Everything was going well until the shelf gave out and his bowl slid off of the shelf... onto my $2,000 computer. The computer is fried and is not covered by the insurance, the fish is fine. FML
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By  chanman  |  0

hahah wow. There are so many "cheap stuff and then expensive stuff getting ruined" stories on this site.
I wasn't aware a goldfish cost $5... the economy now. psh.
And I've never seen a goldfish on a shelf....

  TysonFawlay  |  0

I've had a computer for about 2500 bucks. It wasn't bad when I got it but you could still get more if you paid some more, and even now there are people buying computers for 3k+ dollars. You don't know anything about OP, maybe she works with photo editing or something, that takes some power.

  DeadMansCrack  |  4

Uh-oh fight on FML. lol, just kidding, but "hotlobbies" aren't you doing exactly what the rest of us are doing(commenting on FML's)? Save that geek/who's cool and who's not crap for middle school.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Ok, so the comments are just fucked all to hell. I said "you fail" to hotlobbies, not the other person. I WISH SOMEONE WOULD FIX THESE COMMENTS. *Cough*

  plexico  |  3

Hi, plexico, that's my name, too! What a small world.

There are three things that if you have to say you are, then you are not:

1) Cool
2) Smart
3) Fair and Balanced

  plexico  |  3

Mr. & Mrs. Burress. They spelled it Plaxico, but pronounced it "plexico."

There is your answer, dipshit.

And speaking of names, please refer to item 1) in the list above.

By  ReginaFalange_fml  |  13

thank god the fish is ok. a computer is not a living thing, ya it sucks that its broken cause that is a lot of money, but a fish is alive, its an animal. ppl like u should not be allowed to own pets.

By  nevele11  |  0

You people are dumb, and cheap. Too bad $2000 is standard for a decent Mac. The Macbook I'm using right now was about $1500 and I've had it for years, & it still works like brand new. Spending that much on a computer is worth it when you don't have to waste time with viruses and crashing and slow internet connection.

AND, creepy, when I was in line today at the pet store getting crickets for my lizard, the guy in front of me bought a fish & a bowl that came out to $15. o_0