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  ktbird  |  0

Ditto. I used to live within walking distance of a grocery and have done this before. It's actually quite easy to do when you live in the right place.

It's worse when you think you drove then realize you didn't when you walk out with too many bags to carry.

  ktbird  |  0

18, heaven forbid they get some exercise.

They could also share a car and sometimes have to get groceries when they don't have the car. I've been there.

  rohosoccer08  |  1

26... I'm not saying walking to the store is a bad thing, I excersize too, but to go get grocerys it would be a better idea to take a car, it's one thing if it's just a few bags but usually when you get grocerys it's more than a few light bags

  trizzieb  |  0

Ok, let's think about this. You remembered you drove when you were 1/2 of the way home. You had to turn around and walk the SAME distance back to your car. 1/2 plus 1/2 = 1 whole. So, really you didn't have to walk ANY further than you intended to when you left the store. WHY is this an FML???

  RaIeigh  |  0

Tacos are the shizz. Fajitas > Tacos any day though (:

Edit: Wtf.. How did my comment shoot up under the #1 post 0.O? Commenting bug is back...

  epoh_fml  |  0

*grumble grumble* disappearing comments . . .

I didn't know there was a Hertford in the UK. I live close to Hartford, CT. just found that interesting . . .

  116566jec  |  0


By  kody00_fml  |  0

Hahaha, don't worry, I sympathize with you. I almost always walk and don't drive much so when I do drive, I tend to forget... but I have yet to walk all the way home before i realized....