By juvenile friends suck - 10/01/2013 20:52 - Germany - Tangstedt

Today, I was in the elevator, when a big bearded guy stepped in, wearing a dress. It's not an uncommon sight where I live, but my friend cracked up and asked him if he was wearing underwear. He took it as a challenge, and I can safely say that no, he was not. FML
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Aww, lucky. I'd pay for that to happen to me! /sarcasm

Thanks, it would've gone way over my head otherwise. /justkidding

Sad thing is...some people can say that without sarcasm. O.o

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Schleswig-Holstein to be exact.

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I thought it was San Francisco at first.

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When my parents went to Las Vegas that was an everyday thing.

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39- that's actually not as common as you'd think in SF (tho that depends where & when you are in San Francisco), I say this because I live here =P

95 - Yeah, we're kinda stereotyped. ... Okay, we're REALLY stereotyped...

What are you talking about 100? You live in that one place.

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Today, I was in an elevator, when a big bearded guy stepped in wearing a dress. I broke out laughing, and wanted to say something witty, but the best I could come up with was "Are you wearing underwear?" No, he wasn't. FML

44 - Oh, my. You're so wildly clever and witty! Just kidding. Reverse-FMLs are flat out ******* stupid in my opinion.

Don't challenge his dress wearing integrity!

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Did he start smiling at his penis?

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Is there any other way to properly smile at one's penis?

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I believe you must use a crooked smile. That's what I do, and nobody ever says anything about it.

Don't think I didn't see past your disguise, troll! You might fool the others but not me! Muahaha.

27- The proper way is to do it in a public place while holding a butcher knife

You think that's bad? Try walking in on your dad wearing a prom dress stuffed with grapefruits! And for those of you who'll thumb this down for not getting the reference, Woah, just calm down, man!

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I would hope that most people know what a kilt is, so I'm kinda led to believe that it was an actual dress.

Kilts may be mostly associated with Scotland, but the kilt actually did originate in Germany so, it may be that OP is not familiar with kilts and neither is their friend and they live near a group of German guys who enjoy wearing their kilts

@69 If I saw someone wearing a kilt and didn't know it was a kilt, I'd be more inclined to call it a skirt. Kilts aren't shoulder to knee from what I'm familiar with.

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Some kilts are, and unlike dresses, it is in fact the norm to not wear underwear with a kilt. OP may have said dress just to make it seem more ridiculous.

the first kilts, the ones that originated in Germany, are different from modern kilts which the Scots adapted to being the skirt you are thinking of. the First ones were actually longer and had a part you could tuck under up into the skirt part, kilt is actually derived from the nordic word for tucking up under or something along those lines, and it could be untucked and would be worn over the torso as a tunic for the winter so it was all year round, any weather wear. The more you know.

I would punch my friends face in, FYL, that was probably one of he worse sights of your life...

Woah, who knew men walked around in dresses with no underwear Germany?

Ya I would think OP is talking about a kilt more than a dress.

Men wearing dresses just shouldn't happen, ever Without undergarments however... /: Location should not play a role!

83- why? some men enjoy wearing dresses, be it that they are trans, drag, or just like the feel of them and are completely hetero or whatever sexuality. they are free to not wear undergarments as well, your not seeing that part (usually, with obvious exceptions). Showing you that they have no undergarments on without any provoking action on your part is not okay though. I don't get why you are being so close minded to men dressing however they feel comfortable.