By mobster - United States
Today, while doing aerobics in my room, I started doing really powerful Knee Highs. My cell phone fell out of my pocket while doing one knee high. As I looked down, I kneed myself in the face. I spent the next couple hours in the emergency room while the doctor told everyone my story. FML
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  MR_OHCRAP  |  0


WHy the fuck is everyone going to the "emergency room" these days? Fucking toughen up or fucking stop posting false FMLs with "emergency room" to make is seem more dramatic.

  _THE_MASTER_  |  0

i gave you the thumbs up... your existence IS validated. OP - this is fake. quit wasting everyone's time trying to get attention. doctors aren't allowed to do that. so if it is in face true, sue the ever living hell out of him for violating disclosure law. Immediately.

  bexox  |  0

Good, except FTW = for the win

I'll just take your word on WTB, since I don't know that one, and don't feel like looking it up right now. :)

  Casualt1234  |  0

Capn, i guess i just fail at life then, don't i? i mean not everyone can be as clever as you, since the line that you are very proud of is so awesome and amazing and hilarious and well-thought-out and zany and spunky and hip and unique and clever. i guess when i was laughing at my post (thinking it was probably the funniest thing anyone could ever come up with in the history of the universe) i forgot that there are so many witty people like you in the world who take time out of their important lives to throw a comedic lifeline for unfortunate souls such as I, who are constantly (and foolishly) drowning in the sea of dullness and lameness. next time i am about to comment, i will surely consult your comedic genius before i make a fool out of myself for all the internet to see.

please, save me from my bland life.

  NoMercy1  |  0

This kind of thing baffles me, why wouldn't you get 100% YDI votes for kneeing YOURSELF in the face doing aerobics? I know we aren't all born to be Olympic divers but kneeing yourself in the face is pretty god damn clumsy.

By  RideTheCulture  |  0

guarantee second party is fake. she probably kneed herself in the face but didnt have to go to the hospital and made up the doctor telling her story. how would she even know that? its not like he would tell it to his co-workers when she is right there.

  cha40_fml  |  0

well maybe the part about having to go to the hospital is true, like if she broke her nose or something... but yea i dont think the doctor part is true... doctors are professionals, they dont laugh at their patients.