By will3000 - 12/01/2011 13:28

Today, I was on my way to work behind a very slow car. At a red light, the lady came over and punched me in the face for following her too closely. We are coworkers and our desks are next to each other. FML
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I would call the cops on that bitch! Then inform HR/your boss at work, just in case she decides to go psycho on you again in the future.


hope u didnt act like a little bitch and not hit her back! that's why i always have a weapon handy. :-)

No I say OP is one stupid driver. Who sees someone walking towards their car and still gets hit.

Someone who thinks his/her coworker is going to say hi, perhaps?

I also hit idiots if they drive to closely behind me. Learn to keep your distance, your reflexes aren't THAT fast.

I like your profile info about your music taste, I completely agree with the rap not being music :)

Why did you have your window down for her to punch you in the first place??

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Even if she's driving slowly, you're wrong for following any closer than what is safe. But she's crazy. And you got beat up by an old lady, which if funny shit.

Its also illegal to drive slower than the speed limit, slow drivers need to get the **** out of the way

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it's not illegal to drive under the speed LIMIT you retard. if it was, it would be a speed minimum. the word limit means you can't go over

no but u cannot drive do slow as to hinder other drivers

It is actually illegal. If you are driving too slow as to what is safe, then you can be putting others in danger.

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Driving under the speed limit is not illegal, driving slow enough to cause danger to other drivers is. People are allowed to go 50 in a 60 which is too slow for many of us. They are not allowed to go 30 in a 60 because that is dangerous.

Ninjafriends 1

I would call the cops on that bitch! Then inform HR/your boss at work, just in case she decides to go psycho on you again in the future.

I would inform HR that your co-worker punched you. Aside from that easily turning into an assault and battery charge for her, it will likely (if you have a good HR department) get her reprimanded or fired. Those kinds of people don't belong in the workplace...or any place with people, anyway. And most importantly, that should teach her a lesson on how to properly deal with anger. She'll certainly know not to mess with you again.

Female drivers? Well there's your problem right there. Yes, I do understand the irony of what I just said.

I'm sure you deserve it for playing Justin Bieber at your desk all day. I would have punched you too. Try switching to something a little less abrasive and I'm sure your road rage incidents will decline.

They could listen to Torsofuck all day. I like it but I don't think many other people would be able to stand it.

I know I can't. at least not torsofuck. anything other than them is good with me.

Well, there's your answer! Plant illegal files in her computer and watch the fun unfold! Or tell this funny story to your fellow coworkers, and watch the fun as she gets a humilating new nickname.

Either overtake her or stay on a safe distance. You shouldn't be pushing her to drive fast. Actually her braking and you having to pay for the combined damage might have been a better outcome.

Have her arrested for assault and battery.