By dareyale - 26/07/2013 06:10 - United States - Bessemer

Today, my grandma walked into my house drunk. She was mumbling something about her being a badass because she beat someone with a pool stick at a bar. She's 68 years old. FML
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Hey guys OP here. Well I love my grandma but she always decides to come in during the early hours of the morning. She's always been like this. This one time when I was younger she took me on a wild hunt for her boyfriend. We pulled up outside an old motel and there he was. In a car. With a Hooker. My grandma jumped out the car and took off. She pulled them both out the car and started beating him. Have you ever seen a Hooker take off so fast in heels?!

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I would advise that you don't piss her off...


subiedude08 17

I see the pressure to be first got to you.

subiedude08 17

No I just found it funny someone her age can still kick ass

CookieLovesBoo 16

I see your jealousy to be first got to you #9 I thought it was funny as well , and first comment doesn't have to be what you want it to be .

33- you too are now a badass. Get yourself a pool cue.

You're so right 33. I'm so jealous I'm not first :'( hopefully my day will come!

Weren't you first a couple of FMLs up? Didn't you get your ass handed to you? Oh the irony...

No, what's funny is some guy broke into a house in my neighbourhood. There was an old 70-80 year old women. She saw him, picked up her cane and beat the man. He ran out, afraid and eventually got arrested.

then000bster 16

I have a feeling if you watch a replay video Gma would already be drunk walk up to the pool table grab a stick and try "beating up" a guy, but in reality is just barely touching him with it. She then throws the pool stick down yelling in a language no one understands "Yeh!! Don mesh weth meh!" Hobbling out the bar as she goes home to tell of her tales.

AlphaPrice 7

That sounds like one hell of a story to tell!

Sounds like an episode of Hot in Cleveland :p

Damn, You Go Grandma! She's Still Got It! xD Grandma's are the Best

I would advise that you don't piss her off...

Granny's still got some fight left in her

Zambowi 15

Grandma will be grandma! Although I am curious what exactly led her to beating someone with a pool stick.

Oh, a wide variety of things could. Some ol' ruffian tried to swindle her or perhaps the barkeep was caught overcharging little granny. Maybe she just felt the fight in her blood and thought "these young whippersnappers need to learn how to dance!" Any scenario, though, would lead to the same conclusion: don't **** with Gran.

her age instantly multiplies the badd assery factor

who the heck cares when she's won at being a motherf*cking baaaaadasssss

I'd be scared shitless to tell that Grandma I'm not hungry.

simplysarcastics 26

Grandma is a total badass. I take it this is a reoccurring thing lol. Your parents should speak with her about her behavior, yet I picture a buff grandma not a weak frail one; so I figure she can handle herself in the bar, clubs, and streets!