By Lucas79 - 08/10/2011 01:23 - Australia

Today, I was walking down the street on my way to work, when an old lady's walking stick caught my leg and sent me crashing to the ground. She apologised for the accident and watched me stumble to my feet. I said not to worry. Just as I turned to leave, I could swear a smirk crept over her face. FML
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Need to get your kicks somehow even when you're 1000 years old.


Being old doesn't mean being defendless.

But being old means you get away with everything.

I feel like OP should be grateful that she apologized, anyways. Some people aren't even considerate enough to do that, even though she may have done it on purpose.

15- that's a stupid reason. How bout I give you a nice slap across the face, and said I'm sorry? Oh how considerate. Your name is ironic.

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I don't know about being DEFENDless, but defenseless for sure. Learn what words are please.

Perhaps English is not #1's first language. By the way, don't attack someone's spelling when your grammar could use some work.

It's about common courtesy, and being the bigger person. Sounds dumb, yes, but it's rare in society and as spiteful as it was for the old lady to smirk at OP, at least she had the decency to apologize. And at least OP had the decency to let her have a laugh, and take it maturely. Slapping someone just because you're sure that they tripped you on purpose is a move you would make if you couldn't suck it up and let yourself be humiliated.

Dude, she did it purpose, saying sorry won't make her a better person. It's not common courtesy to trip a person.

#46 So if I shot you on purpose but I said sorry, would you hate me or say " it's ok" because I said sorry?

In this case, OP is speculating that she did it on purpose. And no, shooting is completely different from tripping. If you shot at someone, it is obvious that you are doing it on purpose.

Sorry people, my version of the FML seems to be different. Does someone want to post theirs and outline where it says the old lady tripped OP on purpose? Seriously, I doubt it would have been purposely done anyway. If someone has a walking stick, I'm sure they'd be focusing on their walking, not tripping over strangers. That would just get them into trouble, being abused by the person they tripped, and it wouldn't be easy for them to run either.

TraceCase_ 19

It probably looked funny and was hard to resist smirking a little once she thought you had parted ways. Sort of like when someone falls down the stairs (cracks me up every time, I can't help it). Doesn't mean she did it on purpose. But maybe she did ;)

Need to get your kicks somehow even when you're 1000 years old.

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Don't you mean, OVER 9000!!!!!!

kevsnev 7

Don't you mean, OVER 9000!!!!!!

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Did she say see you next trip as well?

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She probably started cackling and when you turned around, she was flying away on her walking cane/broomstick. Happy early Halloween OP.

Our generation will have walking canes that can shoot nukes.

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It's probably dementia. On both of your parts.

Not going to lie perdix, I used to love your comments. What happened?

perdix 29

I'm like a baseball player. I have slumps and hot streaks. Andi I take a swing at everything, some of these stories are like a knuckle ball that doesn't even reach the plate.

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Well then step up your game perdix because your letting down your fans. I love your comments as well.

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And he swiftly redeems himself...

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Wow, thank you for thumbing me down. >_>

wow, thank you for getting bitchy about it, 80.

And would it be considered an accident if she tripped and fell into a gutter?... Why yes, yes it would. Old people fall all the time. ADVANTAGE. Just saying....

Turn around and laugh that she has to use a cane in the first place

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Are you sure that it was her walking stick and not one of her ****? When women get really old they use them things like a slinky just to **** with people. Don't ask, I know.

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Wow! I got beaten by an old lady tit just the other day! And I thought I was the only one.

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She probably just saw a glimpse of your Spongebob boxers. No worries.

Yep people who need walking sticks definitely are not as helpless as they seem...