By chieftain - Norway - T?nsberg
Today, I am defending a client on trial for perjury. She is a sweet girl and the first person I've loved in years, but she keeps doing everything she can to make herself look guilty in front of the jury. Now I'm having a daily crisis of conscience in the middle of the courtroom. FML
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  starbucksguy  |  16

109 kind of has a point, as a law was passed in Norway recently stating that for hate crimes, Norwegians are guilty until proven innocent. This, however, is not a hate crime so 109 is wrong. Noob.

  Zomg_Okay  |  26

"and the first person I've loved in years"

I doubt it's a good friend because that sentence implies romantic love, not friends love. It's also unlikely to be a wife or girlfriend because the sentence also implies is he fell in love with the accused recently.

  psuedodragon  |  23

I think its more a case of people saying a lawyer's conscience can't get in the way of doing their job. If you're hired to defend somebody you defend them to the best of your ability, within the limits of the law....because truthfully, the law has nothing to do with your conscience and everything to do with arbitrary legal paramaters for acceptable societal behaviour.

  downtime  |  12

63, That's only if you accept that paradigm. Many of us put our own sense of morality above the law, and while this would make someone technically a bad lawyer, it does make them a good person - which is a far greater thing to be. Best legal practice =/= best practice.

  muzy  |  23

Really ? and here I was thinking that they were genuinely trying to correct #4. Sarcasm is very difficult to pick up over the internet :/

  syki  |  22

Actually, no. A judge or juror would, but a lawyer is supposed to want his client to win anyway. Hence why spouses, friends, and family members often represent each other. Numbskull.