By tabbycacti - 30/11/2015 13:06 - Australia

Today, I was waiting at a traffic light. I saw my neighbour and her new boyfriend crossing the road, then noticed as he started grabbing his crotch, but thought nothing of it. They both then pulled down their pants and urinated in the middle of the busy intersection. FML
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Please tell me they were drunk out of their minds... Because otherwise that makes absolutely no sense.


Epikatz 22

Your neighborhood must be... interesting...

ber4fun 23

am I the only one who doesn't believe this story at all? I just don't see what anyone would risk going to jail or getting fined over this.

I mean this happened in Australia so it's hard to doubt the legitimacy in this lol

I'd honestly like to know if the neighbor is a girl, because how would they pee without taking off their pants completley?

corky1992 33

It clearly says HER new pretty sure the neighbor is a girl.

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@44 you really think us women take off our pants completely to pee?

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Does anyone take their pants off completely? Other than toddlers?

Wait you're not.. Well that explains the weird looks I get when using a urinals

It's like towel hats. men just don't understand these things and they never will

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@1 hey there hottie. Wanna meet up sometime? JK. See you in a couple weeks! Haha.

That is a little disturbing, I would probably avoid them for a little while. But the're probably spicing up their relationship! ; )

It's a new relationship. Why is there any "spicing" going on?

And how does this qualify as spicing up a relationship? Though I guess everyone has their own fetishes...

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Seems like Urine trouble with those new neighbors

Please tell me they were drunk out of their minds... Because otherwise that makes absolutely no sense.

maybe it was a drunkin dare... feels like a drunkin dare.

I really hope so. If they were sober thats just even more embarrassing.

# 25 Urinating in the middle of a busy intersection in India is impossible because people don't follow traffic lights.

Or it could be a **** the world vulgar thing to spitting on someone's face for no reason. but bigger.

Yeah right no one follows rules here, coz they ain't afraid of anyone. Like 'Merica We should start distributing guns to every home to bring in some order.

Trust me. Trust me. They were on 8+ hits of acid. I know. I do drugs.

To those who didn't like my comment, the BBC site states: "Spend any time in India, and you will see men urinating in public. In the state of Rajasthan last month volunteers began shaming offenders by drumming and blowing whistles. But some argue the country also needs more, and better, public toilets."

#25 Being an Indian, I do believe that your comment was offensive. The image of India that a number of foreigners have is extreme to say the least. Yes, the public sanitation system does need to improve, but basing your judgements on a BBC documentary may not be the best justification. People do not stand in the middle of the road and urinate. There is poverty, and a number of people cannot afford to have toilets. Even then, no sane or sober person would urinate at an intersection. I would say, visit India. Don't let a BBC documentary be the reason for your judgement about our country. I understand that you didn't mean to be offensive to a particular nationality, but certain amount of discretion can go a long way.

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Oh please don't bring that back from the dead.

What? How can you bring YOLO back from the dead? It OLO.

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People have fun in different ways