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By Anonymous - 14/03/2010 20:26 - United States

Today, while waiting at the bus stop, the guy standing near me started peeing on the sidewalk and on my shoes. FML
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A little tip for you. When someone pulls out their junk they are about to let loose a stream of bodily fluid, you might want to move away. Hope this helps.

it may be bad ATM but imagine the funny story you will get from this awful experience :)


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Oh wow. FYL.

eh. not that bad, there are already 500 more fmls about hobos peeing on people

That's why I wear yellow shoes.

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Why does every public transportation story (I.e: bus, train) have to do with random/ and or homeless people urinating near or on the OP?

That's why I wear yellow shoes.

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Eww! That is so nasty.

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today I saw a girl I like at the busstop so I peed on her, she didn't say anything. fml

pull on his dick and then slap his balls. that'll show him.

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I'm new to this and need some help. will someone plz tell me wht op means??

well, that's not going to get him a girlfriend that's for sure

Original Poster

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For the unteenth time, OP stands for Orange Prick.

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Lmao @36! Yes.

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No Ajjas!! it means Optimus Prime!!! (:

41- you'd be shot dead before you could get to the second part of that move, not a yes

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Ya, Transformers are awsome, but out of all of them Bumblebee is the best!

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thnx 39

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Lol guess so!!! (:

#36 I notice a trend where you frequently suggest biting / pulling on / slapping / punching a man in his balls. I kinda hope we never meet lol To the OP... legit were doing nothing and now your shoes are ruined / at least smelly (depends how permeable the shoes were)

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@ 36, what if the hobo likes it?

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Lol @ 36.

55- lol they were probably some gay-ass crocs

57, if the hobo likes it keep on doing it ;D

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I'm gonna have to go pee on #60 while wearing a hobo costume now.

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lol @ 60 and 61

@ 59 Yea, crocs would really suck... just squishing around with pee in there...sounds like fun :-/

FAKE i already seen this fml by like 20 other **** tards like you

that's why I wear yellow shoes... no one gives a rats ass

elaborate on this "pulling of the dick" method you speak of. hahaha

I think you know(:

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I'm seriously going to pee on you... Just sayin.

don't pee on me! I'm sure there's another way to get me to pull on your dick then peeing on me!

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Honestly, I wouldn't mind if you did that to me. lol jk. but your eyes are like gorgeous.

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True, but that's not as funny. Come to California so I can pee on you, because that's too far for me to go and I have classes. :(

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Your seriously turning me on. lol. can you type more dirty stuff like that? lol jk

yeah Paige is really pretty

87, I know your not joking! don't act like you don't like it;D haha. and 88, thank you so much!<3:D

try walking away????

I should probably retract what I said earlier about Paige... I wasn't thinking you meant in a kinky tasteful way but rather was thinking you had some personal vendetta against "junk" lol

Am I the only one who said "Whitest kids you know" when they read this?

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lol ya, I guess I just can't hide the truth from u and ur beautifullness. ;) lol

kkamp516 10

btw what kind of flesh do u like to eat? ;)

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lol everybody is hitting on paige! paige get ready for some pulling and slapping lol.

lmao i guess this is what happens when you stay on FML to late xD haha and 95, why don't you send me a picture, then I might tell you(; ahah

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be to happy if someone peed on me #2

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Come see FML At Night! lol

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61 me too... and I just ate a grape and I... didn't **** in my pants.... yay!

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and 36 WTF pleasuring a hobo is no way to get rid of him

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lol. u like to be dirty don't u? lol jk.... mabye. ;) sooo..... what would u do to me if I was tied to a bed naked???

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wtf? you keep saying dirty stuff, then say you're joking, and then you ask a dirty question. Seems to me you want to get some action.

??? nice attitude. I'd really like to get 2 know u. u seem like such a warm and kind person. shove some coal in ur mouth and swallow hard, then go do something with ur life.

...and I was enjoying FML@Night too :-( It's just a bunch of bored guys and gals on a Sunday night having fun lol ...and with that I'm going to shower... maybe even without clothes :-o

oh my! let's hope a spider doesn't land on your foot and then butt rape you! that'd be a shame. and as for you 115, I'm sorry, but I would rather not tell everyone on FML my sexual pleasures.(:

I opened the window and a breeze flowed in...I sawr a film and stepped outside into the rain...snl ftw!

Paige let's smoosh;)

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I'm slightly disturbed by all of this. Sexual chat in a non-sexual FML.... Also, I called peeing on her first...... Bunch of copy cats.

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True. You did call on peeing on her first. And this fml doesnt have any sexual content on it. Hmmm. This is what Sundays do to you.

@120 good news and bad news.. The good news is that I didn't get butt-raped by a spider though I was on alert :-P The bad news is that while I stared at the ceiling looking for that spider some jackass on the floor below me decided to be "funny" by continually flushing the got hot in there and not in the good way... :-( I'm not into the whole peeing thing but having a shower buddy is always exci..... jk :-P Someone else keep FML @ Night going...I've got an early class tomorrow...:-(

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It's okay, you guys can have her... I have mfmylifesrsly already haha

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lol wow gg that sure would

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Whats OP mean? Oh and FYL indeed

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I have no idea what's going on... but I love Pop•Tarts :D Yay~!!!

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I think Paige went to sleep :( @128, no spider or ramming head against wall?

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oh and @ 135 op means original poster

@118// gorgeous.

ha sucks to be you.

Holy crap, why do I have to be on the wrong continent? That was some kinky sh** right there :(

ahahahHah you guys are funny xD and dgross, I'm glad to hear that there was no spider. and I'll beat those people up for you! they'll know not to mess with you again!(:< haha

and 123, I'm not sure what that means... >.<

#139 No spider though it was probably for the better because I hate spiders too :-/ #141 thanks :-) #152 FYL... I'm only a short road trip away from showing Paige what #123 meant :-P (should probably add a jk in here lol...unless...) ehh it's not as much fun in the morning...

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dude ewe!!!! ahahhah

haha, dgross you only live like 2 hours away(: or 1.

yea, I'm only about an hour away lol...road-trip sometime perhaps :-P Happy Valley is never boring lol

Yep, it would

who does that. pretty sure it takes an idiot to randomly pee in public. !

or a very drunk person lol but seriously... why does everyone assume the guy is a hobo? The FML says a man waiting for the same bus...

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I know right its probably a wealthy businessman waiting for the bus so he can get to work in his multimillion dollar company but unfortunately he couldn't hold it...

exactly #105... It could be some rich businessman with an overaggressive bladder afraid of wetting his custom-fit attire *Sarcasm to respond to sarcasm BTW :-)

And i'm just the idiot for the job then! =D

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I would of puched that asshole in the face!

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I hope that's how it ended.

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And you didn't move your shoe that was getting peed on?

i hope you hit him

A little tip for you. When someone pulls out their junk they are about to let loose a stream of bodily fluid, you might want to move away. Hope this helps.

^ This. Print it, cut it out, and tape it to your shirt (upside down so you can look down and read it).

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Wow. Lots of hobos urinating on people. 0.o

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Sorry, double post. Ignore that. ^^

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Don't ignore it now... moderaters deleted the other one. :D

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I hate it when that happens :)

was he homeless?