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Today, my parents grounded me for being "addicted" to drugs because I've been taking pain meds every four hours. I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, and my face is badly swollen. FML
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This is the OP here, my parents are incredibly worried about me taking the medicine because two of my three brothers are recovering drug addicts. I was visiting a friend who called my brother to come pick me up because I kept falling asleep mid-conversation as a side-effect to the medication. My parents assumed I was abusing them because of their past experiences with my brothers. They're incredibly understanding about the pain, but they're just scared.

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What's with FMLs with such stupid ass parents lately? On a side note, your parents are assholes, OP. They should know your condition. You're obviously taking them for a good purpose in a non-addictive way.

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just because your brother's are recovering drug addicts doesn't mean you will be. I understand and acknowledge that in some cases substance abuse can run in families but it's just not always the case. there are drug addicts in my family but I'm only taking my medication prescribed for my chronic iillnesses so I do know what I am talking about good luck OP and I hope your pain eases soon!


They sound so understanding... Or we're missing part of the story... Either way, that's painful as ****, and you're generally early twenties when that happens, so that sucks that you're grounded even more.

A lot of my friends have gotten theirs out, and they're still in high school.

I was barely 16 when I got mine out 4 years ago.

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I was 14 and had them taken out right before Thanksgiving.

I think we have the whole story, just stupid parents. And my friend had her wisdom teeth out at 15.

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Im 21 and need to get mine out.. unfortunately, no money to do so...

I was 17 when I had mine taken out. I had to be sedated because all four were coming out. Luckily I didn't need the pain meds (back in the 1980s it was Tylenol with codeine). But the recovery was not fun. And it takes a few days to get over it.

Yikes, is having them out a new rite of passage or something? Most people I know have still got theirs.

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I'm 19 and my dentist looked at my xrays and said I should get mine out pretty soon. I was planning on waiting until they poked through my gums because I know that would hurt a bit less and would be easier to remove but he said they don't have roots so they won't poke through.

I'm 19 and mine haven't even come through yet. My dad was 25, my mum was early 20s, my boyfriend is 24 and he hasn't had them come through yet. None of my friends have either yet. Sorry for going from mine, and my friends and family's personal experiences.

It definitely depends. My wisdom teeth never broke through the skin, but I had to have them removed when I was about 19 because if I did let them grow in they would push all of my other teeth in and they would all get extremely crooked. But I have some friends who never had to have theirs removed. Yet, anyway.

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It's more common to have them Pulled earlier on. Into middle-late teens it's generally a good idea to have them pulled. Mine were coming through and had them pulled at 16. Impaction is a common occurrence even if they aren't surfacing...

What's with FMLs with such stupid ass parents lately? On a side note, your parents are assholes, OP. They should know your condition. You're obviously taking them for a good purpose in a non-addictive way.

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Yeah I agree. There are a lot of parents making horrible decisions on here when it comes to their kids. In this case, your parents are just dumb. Do they expect you to suffer and just deal with the pain?

And all these people say my generation is hopeless.

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59 if our generation is hopeless it is because the generation before ours has made it so

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Seriously? Aren't they concerned with how you feel? If you're taking them as directed there shouldn't be a problem. I hope you feel better OP. Don't let your parents bring you down.

You do look stoned when you have had a pain med for wisdom teeth surgery. Im sorry, FYl

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I have never looked high while on pain meds. Maybe you're just high when you take them.

thats what you get for not being able to handld tge PAIN

I don't think you're giving us the whole story here..

Yeah OP probably pulled his wisdom teeth out so he could get high on the pain killers. :)

Hard to believe a parent is that stupid. I think we may be hearing only one side of the story here. Or just not all of it.

A lot of parents freak out over anything drug related, even when it's doctor approved. My friend's mother threw out her prescribed meds and only let her use Advil. The amount of Advil she had to take to deal with the pain was far more risky than the slight threat of addiction posed by her prescribed meds.

I was diagnosed with a.d.d. at a young age. My mom wouldn't pick up the medicine at a pharmacy because she heard bad thing about adderall. Instead i had to struggle thru school and get yelled at regularly about my grades. So yeah parents can be retards.

Remind them of their attitude when they have to get dentures. As a concerned child, it's only right that you withhold their meds so they too won't addicted!

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You take meds when you have dentures?

Generally you have to have all your teeth pulled in order to have dentures. I would hope meds would be prescribed after that