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Today, I was unaware that me losing my virginity was also breakup sex. FML
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I know that a lot of these posts are going to be jokes, but I really am sorry that your first time had to be like that op. That really would suck.

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I'm trying so hard to see the positive in this but it is pretty damn hard....


There is a first to everything I guess

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I don't understand why people don't see that this is a "first!" pun haha

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maybe feelings are more important to OP compared to physical intimacy yk not everything is about sex

Am I the only one who sung this in my head?

Take it easy, you guys. His photo is Ronald McDonald, I'm sure consensual sex is something to be excited about for him.

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#38 I actually love that song by lonely island lol :-)

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Yeah pretty sure most of the down voters don't know the song

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Just don't go back to the not having sex ways of the past.

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And apparently nobody like lonely island

Sounds like they weren't the right person for you OP sorry :/

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I know that sucks, but don't sweat it, OP. You'll find a better person :)

I know that a lot of these posts are going to be jokes, but I really am sorry that your first time had to be like that op. That really would suck.

Statistics show that you won't end up with your first section partner. Not saying it's okay for him right now , but he'll be fine .

Statistics show that you're *unlikely* to end up with your first, not that you won't. I'm about to marry mine, 7 years on. Obviously I don't think OP should stay with this guy though (or get back with him, ever), he sounds like a total butthole.

Sorry, misread the post, no idea whether your partner was male or not, either way they sound like a butthole.

That's just wrong of them not to tell you, especially if you wanted your first time to be special. You only get one first time, unfortunately, but make the best of it OP. You'll find someone much better than your ex, they sound absolutely foul.

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You should have gotten to know them better if you wanted it to mean something.

We don't know how long these two were together. Some couples chose to wait.

I met my husband when I was 13 and we've been best friends since, but we waited until I was 18. a full 2 years after we started dating because I was still a virgin and he wasn't. his first time was with a psycho b*tch who ended up stabbing and slicing him up. so he definitely wanted my first time to be much better. I'm so sorry op that's horrible. don't worry, you will find the right person. the first time with your true love will be even better then that breakup sex

This was the first question in my head . I'm assuming she probably has had sex before and didn't think of it anything except a good way to end things on good terms .

I need to end a whole bunch of shit on good terms.. Probably a few times.

my first time i was blacked out drunk and i dont remember a thing. and i so wanted it to be with someone special. that is sad yours had to end that way...just remember that there is someone out there who will be so amazing they will leave your first time in the dust.

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i hope you know, if someone had "sex" with you while you were blacked out thats considered rape.

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I have no idea why this was downvoted to hell. Here's an upvote that is attempting but can't possibly make up for you being date raped.