By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was at my summer babysitting job. The family's dog puked on the carpet and I proceeded to clean it up with baking soda and a mix of water/vinegar. Instead of blending in with the other areas of the carpet, the one spot I cleaned is white while the other areas are still darkened by filth. FML
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  pixierara  |  28

Let's be honest, we don't know how big the carpet is and op's not getting paid to do that. It would be a nice thing to do but I'm sure they have other things that need to be done

  VeganVampyre  |  26

I don't see how explaining is a big deal... "Your dog threw up on the carpet, but don't worry, I cleaned it up for you." Done. As someone already said, if their carpet is that dirty that's their problem, not OP's. They may or may not be embarrassed but they're not going to get mad at OP for cleaning up their dog's puke properly and effectively; that's a good thing.

  PANDORUM89  |  21

vinegar cleans, disinfects,removes odors, all while not affecting the colors or fabrics.
baking soda helps to remove stains by using the cleaning power of oxygen, and also removes the smell of vinegar.

that's the best homemade solution to pet problems.
next best is an enzyme cleaner

By  NotCollegeBound  |  17

Tell them what you used to clean the carpet. You never know, they might appreciate the tip! I don't see why they'd get mad about you cleaning the carpet, it's not like you bleached it.

By  Woedel  |  25

Why can't you just explain? Situations like that happen with pets. They should be happy you cleaned up after their dog and now they know their carpet is filthy and they have to clean it.