By Anonymous - 27/10/2010 14:37 - United States

Today, when I got home from work, my fiancé was finishing up with the plumber who had just installed new fixtures for our shower. I decided that I was going to be the first to break it in. I went to the bathroom, got undressed and went to start the water. The OTHER plumber was still in there. FML
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uhm... how didn't you notice? I doubt your bathroom is that big...

Sounds like a porn.


zomphoenix 3

first in and that's funny.

are you hot? then the plumper is lucky

maybe he thought you had some more pipes to be cleaned.

her fiance was finishing up with the plumber?Anyone else think that sounds wrong?

uhm... how didn't you notice? I doubt your bathroom is that big...

xXgUeSsWhAtXx 9

well he was probably in the shower because it said she went to turn the water on THEN she noticed why the curtain was closed in the FIRST place is another story.

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25- Is it wrong to have your shower curtains closed? I close them all the time after I take a shower.

rene22 18

25 is saying that the second plumber was in the shower and he shouldn't have had the curtains closed

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you will be seeing his face again next time u need a plummer

free show? lol lucky plumber

did he give you the " pipe?"

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My bathroom has a closet inside so maybe OP has a bathroom like mine

I smell a phobia!

really? I smell a Porno.

TheDrifter 23

Epic win for the plumber? I'll bet you just made his whole week.

Mario? Luigi ?!?! ZOMG

How do you not notice there's someone else in your bathroom?

I'm trying to think, maybe he was in the shower and her view of it was blocked, or maybe he was halfway under a cabinet

Well, I suppose there is that. But if part of the bathroom isn't visible wouldn't you quickly check to make sure no one's where you can't see them? Especially when work's just been done. But I suppose he could've been under a cabinet, but surely there'd still have been tools lying around in a 'still being used' fashion..?

Personally, I always check behind blind corners. You can never really know what's there until you look. Gotta check for monsters/psychopaths.

FFML_314 11

It was one time, Cloud! You can stop being paranoid now. I won't try and kill you.

How do you know you're the only one? :P

I refuse to forget.

everyone saying how did you not notice, some bathrooms really are that big, my little sister got lost in my dads bathroom

That's a big bathroom, and I thought our bathroom was big - but you can't get lost in it. Tbf, the bigger the bathroom, the bigger the need to check, because it becomes less certain if there is actually anyone else in there...

lucky plumber has a great story to tell now

Be Every Adverse Neutral Endo Risk

ramboman19 8

how do u know he's lucky???? :0 op may be gross looking...

Sounds like a porn.

You stole my thought.

you stole my-- OH GOD, MAKE IT STOP |the kid|

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You are the most oblivious woman. How do you not notice a man in your bathroom?

I bet he loves his job.

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not if she's fat

RedPillSucks 31

Man! There's a Maaan in the bathroom. Were you in the porn industry?