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Today, my husband and I decided to get a little frisky in bed. After we were done we lay spent on our bed then only to hear weird noises coming from our doorway. To our surprise not only had our daughter taken her first steps but has been watching and now making the noises as well. FML
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*Clarification* My post is not fake, sex happens... And my baby was not abandoned carelessly she just took a late morning nap at her playroom (which is directly in front of our bedroom) and as most parents know trying to sneak sex after having a baby is like looking for the Lochness Monster. And since she is a light sleeper moving her to her crib is a self sabotage. So when all the sexytime happened our daughter must have woken up upon hearing the noise and being a natural 10 month old baby curiousity must have driven her to get up and see why mommy and daddy are making strange noises and since we didn't close our door so she can be within sight (why we close the door on her?) she went to us and watched most or some of the action. But the whole point of me posting it was so I can share a small part of my life to everyone and laugh at it, and isn't that the whole point of this site?

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You often leave your door open and leave your baby unattended on the floor when having sex? Failparent


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I thought it was going to be something like "while I was posting the letter , someone stole my car FML"

You often leave your door open and leave your baby unattended on the floor when having sex? Failparent

yeah. why wasn't the child supervised? and to miss the first steps is sad.

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why are you leaving your baby alone, unconfined if she cant even walk, while your having sex?? idiot

obviously she can walk, but if she couldn't walk why the **** would the baby be in danger unless she wasn't placed in a safe crib?...idiot

#3 he/she could roll and fall down the stairs por hit a table and whatever is on the table could fall on the baby

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Great response these other two ppl are losers

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Well thats kind of disturbing. I feel bad for the kid. But I don't think this post is true, because who leaves their baby laying on the floor while they have sex?

You'd be surprised at the stupidity of some people.

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idk about you guys but i don't think these parents are gonna watch their baby every waking moment of the night. they probably expected her to be sleeping just like every other baby? #4 FTW. hahaha.

if the baby would be sleeping wouldn't it be in a cot? if it can only just walk I doubt it could climb out of it and walk all the way to the door.

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Most responsible parents leave their child in a crib or play pen. Not on the floor. Parenting fail...