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  slacker_69  |  6

I don't think the OPs ex-gf would let him finish if they just broke up. she probably broke up right after she got off. but chicks usually take longer so who knows

  stevenJB  |  25

Like katrina

  KingDead  |  18

OP probably got a snowball to the face, and she just didn't like what came back.. Haha
Don't worry OP, the next one will hopefully know what she's doing.

By  whatthefreshhell  |  15

well, this is another reason for me to never have sex.

  jem970  |  19

Yes. If the sex is good a lot of people dont really think about dumping their partner in the middle of it. Is it normal to converse during sex? I never do im more focused on pleasing the guy I am with. But thats just me. How silly of me to think this is a valid worry that would keep someone from it.