By Bigfatfailure - 28/03/2013 10:02 - United States - Garden Grove

Today, I got dumped during sex. FML
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she clearly was afraid that she'd get addicted to the amazing sex you were giving her. we've all been there. just simply TOO GOOD


I bet she didn't.

The FML is from the guy. The answer is yes, he finished.

TheHarvest 7

i was gonna asj the same thing..

error404n0tf0und 21


jajaflan 4

Was it anal?

4 is referring to his now ex did not finish and that's why he was dumped

I meant number 7

Maybe the person he was having sex with wasn't the same as the one he got dumped by...

Bubbelz 25

9 - I hope so for his sake, blue balls ******* hurt.

Maybe OP's penis was the length of this fml and stopped her from feeling it. Or it was so ******* big it...ahhh, the things that just came to my mind disturbe me

I don't think the OPs ex-gf would let him finish if they just broke up. she probably broke up right after she got off. but chicks usually take longer so who knows

salazara 10

How did she manage that?

I hope you enjoyed it. Obviously they did not. Sorry OP.

I'm sure OP was enjoying the sex right up until his wife came home early and dumped him.

summerguy97 16

How was the finish?

didn't happen for one of them

stevenJB 25

Like katrina

she clearly was afraid that she'd get addicted to the amazing sex you were giving her. we've all been there. just simply TOO GOOD

Like that one where the girl got upset because the op made her come "too many times"

it just must be that every guy on FML is a badass ladies man.

74 - hate when that happens..

#4 Sad but true. Awesomeness can be a Boon as well as Bane.

Didn't see that one cumming, did ya?

vadaaa 11

29 if you're grossed out by a pun then get off FML.

Empleh 4


OP probably got a snowball to the face, and she just didn't like what came back.. Haha Don't worry OP, the next one will hopefully know what she's doing.

JellyBalls 18

At least you didn't get dumped before.

JellyBalls 18

No more comments before morning tea, my deepest apologies fellow FML users.

6- Or dumped on during sex, for that matter. Unless that's the kind of shit that OP enjoys.

Doesn't matter had sex. *gets struck down by an angry mob*

Still counts

You know what, it actually works in this FML

68-So would your picture, if OP didn't just get dumped.

momoegan 4

You now are my favorite person. This response made me laugh so hard

rg350dx 29

At least you didn't get dumped on...*shudder*

Ewwww...... The ol' Cleveland Steamer....

well, this is another reason for me to never have sex.

jem970 19

I am pretty sure that this isnt a common occurrence during sex. Dont let it scare you off something that can be really fun.

but maybe for some people it would be. some don't wanna take that chance sir hahah

If you've never had sex then why are you a misses?

c8750 2

Miss is not married (usually young girl) Mrs is married

#91 Cause you know, marriage is all about sex...

#102 is it not?

Isn't miss either or? Mrs= married, ms= not married. Just wondering, please don't bury me for a question.

Miss is single, Mrs. is married, and Ms. is either.

#15 - why are you only 'pretty sure'? Are you on a 3/5 streak or something?

jem970 19

Yes. If the sex is good a lot of people dont really think about dumping their partner in the middle of it. Is it normal to converse during sex? I never do im more focused on pleasing the guy I am with. But thats just me. How silly of me to think this is a valid worry that would keep someone from it.

They obviously couldn't handle your amazing skillz.

No. Skillz is obviously cooler.

Michael_92 20

@88 you must be one of them people lacking common sense. Clearly he wasn't serious...