By Anonymous - 12/10/2010 06:24 - United Kingdom

Today, I have a busy day of college work ahead of me. I figured I'd best have a good breakfast. Then I realised I'd completely ran out of food except for various types of sauces and condiments. So what am I having for breakfast today? That's right. A nice cup of Gravy. FML
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Wow. You must be really messed up to not have any food at all. I don't think you are ready for college.

Gotta say, a cup of gravy sounds pretty good...

Of course gravy sounds good, everyone knows that Northern boys love gravy! I wonder if anyone will get that...

Of course gravy sounds good, everyone knows that Northern boys love gravy! I wonder if anyone will get that...

I wonder if it's really gravy or if he just mixed up his various sauces and condiments and called it gravy

To anyone within England, isn't this proof that northerners love gravy

I'm northern, and I love gravy >:) though not to the OPs extent.

and wat wrong with a nice warm cup of gravy n d moring??? and mickey ds in the morning?? ye must b joking that's not rite.

gravy is actually an exellent breakfast, plenty of protien for the day. 17, **** you, just because someone doesn't have food doesn't mean they are messed up or irresponsible. all it means is that the op had a have been a money shortage or, like the op said, forgot that he had food.

just go to like tim hortons or something?

Get breakfast on the go or skip it entirely. There's no need to eat gravy. YDI.

This is a bit desperate, OP. Just go buy food at school or on the way to school...

Are you canadian because if so , gravy fries

How do you not know that you don't have food?

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apparently you still live at home where mommy and daddy buy all the groceries

Obviously you've never been in college.

This happens to me all the time, I'm often too busy with schoolwork to go grocery shopping and will open the fridge and be like :( But I've never eaten gravy!

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College in UK is equivalent to last two years of high school in USA.

You're probably the fat one that has no life so you sit on FML all day bagging about how people look even though you don't have a picture yourself.

Just relax, everythings okay. Look, he even said jk.

I highly doubt he meant the 'jk' part. Why say it in the first place anyway if it was a joke?

pawwwwwnnedddddd biatchhh :) but seriously don't make comments like that it's extremely rude,

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thats why college kids stock up on ramen

Ramen is one of the best foods you can get for cheep. You can boil, fry, or even bake. If you've never had pan fried ramen, try it!

You know, college kids from the UK are 16-18. We go to university when you have college (same thing, different name.).

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gross. I'd rather stay hungry than eat gravy... you're odd.

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go to mcdonalds and order a dollar meno breakfast sandwhich

yo man then some people should get a job. I worked full time and studied at university full time for 3 years so whats your excuse ********?

his excuse is playing with crocodiles and doing dangerous stunts

This comment contains too many errors. My head asplode.

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70, I think 58 was trying to be sarcastic.. haha :)

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70- 58 is a pic of a little kid. so it may have been put there on purpose. just another actor on fml 

Of course it's a pic of a little kid! That's me! I'm 4! Actually, it's a picture of my daughter who is, in fact, 4. I have that up because she's much cuter than I am. Trust me, you'd rather look at her than me.

why didn't you just go to McDonalds? sure they are not that good or great for you but it beats gravy stew or whatever

No. Break into a posh house and steal their cat because they are the most spoilt and have been fattened up just foe you. :D

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indenial i thought your pic was Larry King! no joke.

Gravy with a capital G. sounds delicious

haha I think it's NASTY (meat is gross) but we made my sister drink it when she got jaw surgery and her jaw was wired shut xD

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