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Today, I was talking with my uncle, when the subject of my abusive mother-in-law came up. He assured me he'd talk to her and straighten things out. Apparently this means posting on her Facebook wall threatening to "pimp-slap a bitch" if she doesn't get her "fat ass out of family business". FML
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Hey sounds very caring, you should thank him

He's just keeping him "pimp" hand strong!


Hey sounds very caring, you should thank him

Challenge accepted...


helloimmia 4

Well, at least she got what she deserved.

Dude ur uncle is awesome

JustAnotherSlap 0

I wouldn't see that as an fml.. Quite hilarious. :)

Hey, he keeps it real. Does your uncle happen to be A Pimp Named Slickback?

At least he didn't say he was gonna Chris Brown a bitch

Well he told her!

SirObvious 1

Sounds like a G

your uncle is cool!

reddawn85 8

Well, ask and you shall receive...

Hahaha. The two commentators above me have ironic pictures.

I want you uncle

44: Boondocks reference?

reddawn85 8

75- that is awesome.

Now you know not to f**k with him. Lol

That's mighty badass of him.

I swear that the uncle is black

Your uncles kickin' ass like a true OG.

He's just keeping him "pimp" hand strong!

Buttsexpirate 9

Bitches get stitches, I'm just saying. By the way does your uncle happen to have a fedora and a purple suit?

That showed him

Wayne Brady's gonna choke a bitch

chickenwalrus 14

so... is your uncle black or just awesome?

Thank you ray...

Uncle Ricchard, Jr.

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kingtootinpootin 3

i wish that was my uncle

That's how I keep my hoes in line...

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That's how you gotta do it in the hood

Uncle? More like Big Daddy... Still, this FML is made of win. What an awesome family, OP. My uncle is obsessed with basketball and late night cooking shows.

CherryBomb511 3

I bet she got the message loud and clear though.

You should be thankful.

*gives a standing ovation* whatta uncle!

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Got to love Facebook.....