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Today, I went to visit some family out of state for my niece's birthday. I couldn't think of what to get an 8-year-old so I got her a Barbie doll. Everyone else got her money, iPods, game consoles, etc. When she got to mine she asked "how do I turn it on?" Then threw it away when she couldn't. FML
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Kids these days are so ungrateful, it makes me sick


Kids these days are so ungrateful, it makes me sick

What I find sickening is how quickly kids are becoming spoiled, ungrateful brats. I may be only fifteen, but when I was 8, all I would've wanted was a barbie. Sure, I may act like a brat at times, being a teen and all, but I still know how to show respect and be grateful. What is sad is most kids only a few years younger than me will never understand the ethic of respecting elders, or just people in general, and earning their prized possessions, rather than just using throwing temper tantrums.

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Whats sickening is this is an 8 year old getting money, an Ipod, and game consoles! i got my first ipod when i was 13

#78 My first one was when I was 11, however it was a nano and it was bought with my own money I saved up, another thing younger kids have no idea how to do -.-

I got a Sega when I was 9. I had two games for it. I played it when the weather was bad but I was always outside if not. I would gave loved a Barbie when I was 8 because I could take it outside to play.

Exactly. I had a game boy color when I was eight, and even then, my barbies seemed much cooler to me at the time. I didn't get my first phone until I was eleven, and it was only for emergencies, and my iPod was a Christmas present when I was fourteen. It's so incredibly sickening the way these parents just hand over these expensive ass toys to their kids without having taught them any sense of respect, responsibility, or appreciation for how the gifts were paid for. It's just so wrong.

9lashes 15

#95 gameboy color was my first electronic toy and i got it when i was 9 and i paid for it and i also still play it kids these days play with something for a couole months then throw a fit until they get the next cool thing -_-

Aren't you glad you didn't spend a ton of money, if that's all the appreciation you got, and didn't even hide that they were throwing it out?

I'm 17 and I have NEVER owned an iPod. I have a regular old MP3, which works perfectly fine, mind you, because I have more important stuff to spend my money on. The fact that an 8 year old apparently got multiple iPods actually scares me, because I'd be willing to bet money that THAT is exactly why she is so spoiled. Getting all those fancy gadgets at 8, when I was 8 I got a jump rope, a hula hoop, and a new bike and I was happy. I would have died sitting inside all day staring at some screen. >_

This thread is hilarious... I didn't get my first phone until I was 17, and first iPod until 26.

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#106, I was the same. I think I got Bratz Dolls when I was 8. And I took them outside to play with them. I was never outside. I didnt get an iPod till I was 15, and I got my first phone in 7th grade and it only had calling for emergencies only! Parents these days don't punish their children and they spoil them to death. I'm truly scared for what America will be like with their generation running it.

I think this is a bit of a generalization! Not every kid is spoiled

83 - I got a Sega when I was 9 also - just with no games. I was stuck with Alex the Kidd for a good few months till I bought my own game which I had to save for.

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I didn't own an actual gaming console till I was 18, which was last year. My cousins are like that and it irritates me to no end. Whenever I babysit them they are the worst little monsters ever and I cannot stand it. They act so bratty. So now whenever they act like brats I take away everything, lock it in a closet, and give them muddy sticks to play with outside. You would be surprised how their quickly their behavior changes when I'm around now.

My first gaming devise was a tomagachi

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What most of you are forgetting is that when we were younger these items weren't as popular or as widely available. It's just the tech age. Your parents thought you were spoiled for getting the Barbie dolls with all the clothes and dream houses. I agree that there are some ungrateful kids but that's how it is with every generation.

Maybe our generation is to blame for letting the younger generation think it's acceptable to have/demand such luxury items in the first place.

141 - exactly. you guys can complain all you want but just remember that your generation was the same one that raised ours. second of all, stop blaming the children. blame the PARENTS. kids don't have money to buy themselves all of these gadgets. it's the parents and adults who are buying them these things. third of all, for those of you saying or thinking "well, when I was a kid..." that's right, when YOU were a kid. different generations grow up with different things. when you guys were growing up with Atari, the older people from your generation must have been thinking "well, when I was a kid, we never..." etc. get over it. every generation is different. THIS technology generation will have shit to complain about the next generation as well.

I think the worst thing about all this is that the parents didn't step in and show her how to be polite when receiving gifts.

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Newsflash everyone: times have changed. That child didn't throw a fit or anything, she just found no use in the barbie doll. I'm sure that she'll find it much better to be accustom to technology and all it has to offer than she ever will be with a plastic doll. When that child finishes her education the entire system will more than likely be dictated by technology and the skills it requires. We're evolving and with evolution change must happen. I grew up with dolls and cardboard boxes but I also grew up during the technological revolution when cell phones and computers were just coming out. Who knows what will be created in five or ten years, but what's important is that children learn about them at a young age so that they can better live in that kind of world.

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109 I didn't get my first phone or mp3 until I was 16 and I had had a job for a year and paid the bill for it. I'm 23 now and still have the same phone plan as I did then. And I'm 1 of 5 and we had a Nintendo with games but we each had 30mins to play and not a min longer but unless it was raining we were outside playing. Makes me sad that kids have no clue how to do that anymore.

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It is pretty sad. My sister got her first cellphone when she was nine and had to get it replaced like 4 times so my parents just bought her a new one. This one is touch screen and she never has it with her and never answers it so they are going to get her an iphone. Their reasoning? If she has a nice phone that she likes, she will keep up with it better.... Are you kidding me?!?! And to make it worse my sister is a brat with a horrible personality. My parents know this and talk about it yet they still give her stuff she doesn't deserve. I'm not bitter... Just frustrated.

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I never got my first phone until I was 13 and my first ipod when I was 12. The ipod was a Christmas gift. I only got a phone because my dad decided he wanted an iphone. So I got my dads old phone and now at 16 I still have it. Plus when I was 8 I thought barbies were the coolest thing. Phones weren't even on my mind at the time.

Back when I was little, I was grateful to get anything. Once during Christmas I got something, didn't even know what it was and joyfully said to everyone "Thank you!!.. What is it?" Note I was four. My three year old niece got an iPad last Christmas, we can't afford much and we got her a puzzle, and a few other things MEAN'T for children. She threw them down and never said "thank you". Kids today are spoiled.

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Didn't get an iPod until I was 19 And my ex bought it for me... Didn't have a cellphone till I was 18 and moved away to college. Didn't have a game console or computer till I was 18. My mom had game consoles we were able to use, but they weren't ours. I survived without all that junk. I don't see why kids these days seem to think they need them.

Just saying, not all kids are the outdoors type. I hated going outside mainly because I grew up near a swamp, then in the middle of Florida. I grew up on videogames, but that was because I didn't enjoy playing alone outside. Heck, I feel awkward just going out alone because of my personality. Not every kid is spoiled because of the presents they get...when I was 8, I'm pretty sure one of the things I got for Christmas was a gamecube and a ton of games because that's just how my family is. I want to emphasize not everyone is the same...

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shit like this gets me heated. My parents got my little brother, who is 9, an iPod touch 4th gen. He threw a tantrum because he wanted the 5th gen

197 Tell him to give it to you if he doesn't want it..

Parents need to reconsider how they raise their child. First kids need to learn that money comes from working, and saving them results in toys/technology. Items you have worked for also gives the item more value, you treat it better and enjoy it more. I am so glad my parents let me work for my own money (paper routes and such) and taught me how to spend it right. They didn't buy me technology but rather spent their money on letting me do the sports I like, and giving me experiences that lasts forever instead of a phone that'll break or be switched in a few years.

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I am anxious to know the parents' reaction to this. The parents should at least have taught their daughter to say thank you and appreciate what they have. The daughter getting an iPod at age 8 is so unnecessary. When i was 8 all i got was a bike and some board games, nothing more or less, and i was ecstatic! Even with the iPod and computers and MP3's that every kid has, i didnt give a shit. I didnt even ask for any electronics, because I knew that I'd rather be outside on the bike with my friends rather than sitting at home like a bum playing games on my iPod, and eventually i'd get fat, and I'd keep asking for more. I'm only 15, and I now have an iPhone, but only because everyone has one nowadays and my parents could afford it. I wasnt the one asking constantly everyday for an iPod or an iPhone because i know thats just gonna get my parents heated. I only asked for an iPhone when it was time for my upgrade, and my dad said yes the first time i asked, rather than me begging. I had an xbox 360 before but i got rid of it because of what i was making of myself, fat and ruining my eyes to the point of starting with AWESOME vision to needing glasses. Im glad i got rid of it, because now im starting to get back in shape. Screw all the kids nowadays, their parents need to learn how to discipline them, how to say "NO!" once and only once needed. This generation is ******, girls at 12, 14, 15, etc. showing their bare bodies on Facebook and Twitter, having sex, smoking weed, etc etc etc. Before 2010 things were a lot more peaceful and clean, not so much anymore.

Huh. Is it really that strange to get a game console at that age? I've been playing games since I was about 4 years old. I remember when I was little my dad used to go to the city for his job once a fortnight, and when he came back I'd always excitedly ask him if he brought back a new video game. I mean, she's pretty rude for saying in front of everyone she doesn't like your gift (though she is still a kid and kids aren't always tactful). But it's really not that strange for family to buy their children expensive gifts like game consoles or an iPod. Hell, the Wii and 3DS are specifically marketed to young children.

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Kids these days!!! I know I'm only still a kid, but just got an iPod touch. It's messed up and used and my dad gave it to me for my only Christmas present. I got a guitar for my B-day 2 days after, but have not learned to play. I hardly use the iPod though. When I got my first phone my parents were getting divorced and I was always at my dad's alone without a home phone, and my older brother and sister both had them so I was begging for it. I got the cheap little free phone. I'm getting a 3DS XL, but I have to save $200 and buy it myself! The generation today will just tell their robots to bring them something and they get it.

I'm 23 (and have still never owned an iPod or games console) and the parent of a 2 year old. I would be horrified if my daughter ever behaved in such a way (she wouldn't because I teach her to be respectful and grateful). Yes, different generations have different technology available etc, but basic manners are not hard. It is the parents at fault.

Parents these days are allowing their children to receive age-inappropriate gifts, and then treat gifts that don't fit that MO as unworthy. She's eight. She only knows what she's learned.

This is how you know this little girl's generation is ******.

I think it's great that children are introduced to technology at such a young age, but it has to be limited. Their imagination is endless outside, but limited by a computer screen. Technology matures us faster, and so does modern society. Kids don't have time to just be kids anymore. Parents put way too much pressure on their children, and put little care into them. The result is bratty, non responsible, and disrespect-able children. They take these qualities into their later years as well. When I become a parent, the first thing I will teach my child is respect and gratitude, traits that are missing in most children these days. I will give my child time to be a kid, spend most of his time outside, not rotting in front of a computer screen. I was taught the same thing, and I'm grateful for that. I excel in my work, and I hardly spend time on the computer or watching tv.

I babysit two boys (7 and 9) one day a week. One of the kids in the older boy's class got a Microsoft Surface for Christmas. What. When I was 9, I wanted a tamagotchi. I'm 20 and I still want a tamagotchi. )=

I was still using a CD player when I was 13. Oh, how times have changed...

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Thank god, somebody who understands. I'm only fifteen too, but I already know that I'm going to teach my kids how to act. I don't totally understand the whole "no spanking" thing nowadays. I got spanked when I was little, along with my two brothers, and we get compliments all the time on how polite and respectful we are. It's not abuse, it's discipline, which most kids today lack.

When I was 10 I had the first iPhone, back when I was in 5th grade. Who cares? Not really a big deal what you give a child, the way a child responds to it is much more important.

If my kids ever pull this crap, the rest of their gifts will be sold and money will be given to charity...

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This thread has become a pissing contest of who waited the longest to get their first piece of technology.

Even when I was eight I didn't want a barbie... I never liked it when people gave them to me when I was a kid. Not because I was spoiled, but I just never saw barbies as anything fun. Unlike this kid, though, I had the decency to thank the people who gave me the present and not throw it away afterwards. Decided to pass them on to cousins or donate them.

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I had a Super Nintendo when I was younger, but only played it for like an hour or two at most (unless it was too hot to go outside). I find it funny with all the kids saying "my first iPod was when I was (insert preteen age here)". I got one of the first nano iPods when I was 15, only spent $50 on it, and ended up selling it later because I never used it. I still to this day don't even put music on my phone because I'm old fashioned and just listen to the radio whenever I want music. When I was a kid we played outside or with plastic toys, not on iPods, computers, etc. Parents need to teach their kids to be creative and use their imagination instead of showering them with ridiculously expensive electronics that take all of a few months to become outdated.

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Same here!! Only I didn't get my first iPod until i was 22 and bought it myself with hard earned money

I got a sega when I was maybe under 10, but I won it at church as like a Christmas present. I believe it brought games, and my dad bought me games as well. My dad was the main person to buy me and my brother electronics. My older brother had the game boy (no color) I had the game boy color. He even got every play station system. He even has the Nintendo 64. My dad has bought me the game boy and Nintendo ds systems. I didn't get a phone till around the middle to end of 8th grade and was only able to call. I didn't get my first iPod till 10th grade. I don't even have a good modern phone. Then again my parents don't want the contract to go up high which I don't complain about. When I was little I love playing with my jump rope and bike. I even loved playing basketball with my brother or even just play with my dog. Just the parents needs to know how to teach their kids with respect and teach them how not to be greedy and have fun with what they have.

I have a cousin who just turned 10, he gets EVERYTHING he stamps his feet for, he currently owns - a ds lite, a ds xl, a 3ds, and the new bigger 3ds, 2 iPod touches, an iPhone, an iPad, a MacBook. I took my daughter to see my grandma and he was there, we were sat having dinner, he was playing on his ds and watching something on his iPod, I asked him to turn them off, he just smirked at me, I told him I'd take them Away if he didn't do it, because he gets away with murder he didn't believe I'd actually do it, so carried on smirking, until I did it, then had a fit, eventually came and sat down to eat without them. His parents are shocked that I won't be giving my daughter technology until she's in high school atleast, if she NEEDS to use a computer she can borrow mine. I'd rather she had dolls and used her imagination to play. I know children who are 8 who pick on my friends 8 year old because she still likes Disney and not 1 direction and iPods!!!!! It's ridiculous!!! These parents are only setting themselves up for really shitty teenagers.

When I was 8, I got Littlest Pet Shop animals. So now I have a shit-load...but I didn't get a phone until 13 and it was my mom's old phone and a Christmas present that I had to share with my brother. I have never had an Ipod just a regular MP3 player that was a Christmas present when I was 10. But I still use it sometimes if I can charge it.

The problem is not with the kids. The problem is that she's getting Ipod and money. If everyone gave her barbie doll she'd think that is normal...

don't give me that crap no and I am going to say it when I WAS A KID if I wanted something before birthday or Christmas I had to save up my own money and buy it myself I bet this little brat will never have to buy anything she wants I bet she'll just throw a good tantrum and her parents will buy it to shut her up

It's the same with my cousins...when they come out to our farm they are not allowed to play anything like that and have to go outside and play in the sand box which I admit I spend all my time outside on the trampoline, sandbox or walking in the woods...I'm 15...

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Exactly 76 I'm younger that you but I still remember only wanting a damn G. I Joe for my 7-8 birthdays

lexxiii 17

I got my first phone when I was 11, but it was a prepaid flip phone only for emergencies. I didn't get a cheap smart phone until I was almost 16, which I bought myself. I'm 17 now and I JUST got an iPhone, which I work for to pay, as well as many other things I need to pay for. It makes me sick to see children who should be playing with Barbie dolls owning iPhones that their parents pay for like its no big deal. Honestly, who do they even talk to with them? I'd hope their parents wouldn't let them off on their own at such a young age, but then again I see plenty of children who look about 7 out and about unsupervised. Times sure have changed. I'll probably be an "uncool mom" but I'm not buying my children electronics until they're old enough. Playing outside is by far more fun.

Since this thread is so long, I can write anyhting and get away with it. Squirrels.

I'm 13, and I agree wholeheartedly. Kids are spoiled and annoying nowadays, I'm disgusted by some of the people I have to be around at school. I'm only thirteen, but I've gone through horrible things most of them never will. I think we learn how to be grateful through the experiences in our lives, though some people are just naturally grateful which is a good quality. This 8 year old is horrible, I love technology and what you can do with it, but that's just bad. I've played with Polly Pockets, anything is fun if you have any imagination..

I got an Gameboy advance when I was 12, and I didn't get a phone or an iPod until I was fourteen. I didn't even ask for one, because the home phone and radio worked for me and I hated that so many of my friends were obsessed with their phones. I was really excited, but I still made an effort to use them only when I had absolutely nothing else to do. Now my 12 year old brother talks about how most of his friends have iPhones as their first phone and freaks out that he has to get a hand-me-down, and it drives me nuts.

Bitch , Please ! I'm 13 I don't have a phone ! My parents can't afford one because of high taxes on beer !

When I was 10, I got a Gameboy Color with Pokemon Crystal, I thought it was the best thing ever. I recently dug it out of the attic. The data is corrupted. I'll miss you, Gatr..

I feel your pain. I hate how children are so obsessed with these stupid phones and MUST have them or they'll die. They are all spoiled brats. :( Replying to: 315

I got my first phone. which was 4 gigs, when I was 12. It was for security reasons because I started walking home at that age.

Let's not forget who's making the kids like this. If the parent would've started saying no then most kids wouldn't turn out this way.

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I'D LOVE AN EMPTY BOX!!! That's where all the imagination happens :D Not to mention when I get bored with it I can re-gift it to someone with no skepticism on their end.

Lionesse 15

An empty box is magic. I remember I got a giant one from my uncle and that box became my house, my rocket ship, my jail cell, my pirate ship and my fortress. You know, it's sad to think an 8 year old is getting technology. I didn't get my first cell phone until 16 and I'm turning 18 in 3 weeks. We live in a technological age where sadly, imagination is not appreciated by little ones now.

You know, I just turned 28, and I can remember when I was young and we got things like, G.I. Joes, Rambo action figures, and little plastic army guys. We used to take couch cushions, blankets, sleeping bags, and bed sheets, and hang them all over a room to make huge forts. Technology, HA! We were happy to get things at all. Much less complain about something we got because it didn't turn on!

Don't forget ninja turtles and thundercats!

When I was a kid, I'd beg my parents to get me boxes. Then I'd cut them up and make doll furniture out of them. I also once had this huge box from my dad and I cut some windows and a door into it. But it was ruined when it rained..

I remember when I was a little younger I would take empty boxes and put bugs in them to keep as pets.

lol I remember taking a huge freezer box and pretending it was a castle until my brother burned it was a dark day in the kingdom when that happen

And when she asks "What is this BS?! I want a Xbox 720!" Reply, "My hope for humanity..."

I was happy when people would get me anything at all, I didn't care what I got, just the fact my aunts/uncles/grandparents remembered me at all waa fine for me, people are too materialistic, it's not about the gift it's about people giving a shit about you.

Get an empty box of a really expensive item she wants, then watch her chuck a hissyfit and sit back in silent laughter :P

I use to love empty boxes. I would draw and color the outside and make it a fort.

Do kids even play with Barbies anymore? Try buying her a book next time, OP. At any age you should be able to appreciate a good book.

But then she would throw it away when she can't turn it on.

hooligyn123 18

No. kids don't play with Barbies anymore. that's why most retail stores have an entire isle devoted just to Barbie...

She would demand why you didn't just get her a kindle instead

MsMourningStar 22

She'd probably get mad that it didn't read to her.

My little sister is 8 and she loves barbies. So to answer your question, yes, kids still play with barbies.

purplexpinapple 11

I never used to play with barbies, I used to pull them to pieces. I found a box of my old ones the other day, all I found were a pile of right legs and heads...

can somebody explain me what 'OP' means ?? :/

OP stands for Original Poster, which refers to the person who posted the FML.

It means Original Poster. The person who posted the FML

When I was younger, I had some barbies. My mother watched far too many soap operas, so.. Let's just say they never lived normal lives. They were always killing each other, cheating, barbie faking pregnancy to have Ken stay with her..

Man, I wish I was 8 years old if those are the presents they get

I dunno, my childhood involved legos and those things were the shit. As cool as technology is right now, toys still make me feel nostalgic.

What puzzles me is all of the plurals in this FML. Did she get multiple iPods and multiple game consoles? If so she must come from an incredibly wealthy family. Quite frankly, it makes me angry that anyone would spoil their child so damn much. What would somebody do with more than one Xbox/PS3? Would they have music playing on all three iPods at the same time?

SystemofaBlink41 27

121- Why the hell would a one year old want an iPhone 4?? Jesus christ :( as cool and useful technology can be, kids need to be kids! At that age it's to be running around the yard and playing action figures! It's just so sad...

spekledworf 18

I remember clear as day getting a yellow Gameboy color when it was brand new and Pokémon yellow for my 8th birthday. It meant the world to me because I knew my family really couldn't afford it. 13 years later, I still have it and think it's the best gift I have ever recieved.

215 - from my experience, 8 year olds and $300 devices don't mix well.

iphone 4 for 300... assuming it was newish at the time 300 is a few hundred off the price tag

This generation is terrible. Just terrible.

There have been spoilt brats like this girl in every generation.

I agree with #16.... It's been like this forever where younger kids look for independence and they'll grow up to be just like the last generation....

But none as spoiled with technology at such a young age until now. More kids are getting more & more adult toys before they can talk. Parents are using their iPhones & iPads as the modern pacifier to their whining child instead of doing better parenting. Kids need to have some down times once in awhile rather than attempting to numb them with some TV or electronic. Kids need old fashion discipline like the "No, you can wait in the stroller until you know no means no" attitude.

MsMourningStar 22

Thank you #43! Someone that agrees with my parenting style!

That's how it should be. They avoid having to take care of a crying child by giving them a fancy electronic. My favorite is seeing a kid with an iPod/iPad in public, and then they throw it and the parents goes crazy because they think it broke. Ummm, who's the reason the child had it in the first place?

Don't forget 43, some of these devices are also helpful with children who have disorders and normally couldn't communicate. I agree that they shouldn't be used to pacify a child, but I have also seen where they have given a new level of life to a child soon. Everything has a place.

summerguy97 16

Every past generation hates the new generation. My generation will hate the next. Your parents and other adults thought your generation was terrible when you were a kid so.....

52, That's awesome. Honestly, thanks to my mom's attitude, I have the utmost respect for her & I hope your kid will be equally as appreciative. [= 57, those are the kids I had in mind when I wrote my previous comment. 69, kids with extra needs who need the technology have a totally different mentality from my experience. They don't view technology the way a normal child does, most view it as the tool more than a toy. 124, from my perspective growing up, people hated on spoiled kids more than the entire generation. I think it's just us generalizing too much nowadays. I think we specifically dislike certain groups of kids. Not all of them.

Tigerblossom 19

Just because parents give their children technology doesn't mean that they aren't doing a good job parenting. They just have money. Isn't it just as easy to take an iPod away as punishment as it is a Barbie doll?

stop stereotyping generations. no kid has the same parent, which means no kid grows up to be the same. there are MANY kids who respect their parents, as there are many who do not. but it's not like this came out from thin air. surprise, surprise, brats have been out since your generation and the one before that too! I hate FMLs like these because there's just so many stereotypes and controversy. sheesh

#6 don't generalize. Not all the kids are spoiled. Who do you think spoils them? That right the parents. The parents are really to blame. Kids can't raise themselves. Their parents do that, so it's the parents who are apparently making this generation bad. Don't blame the kids. It's not their fault.

Kids make their own choices though. And the wrong ones could cost dearly. If a kid doesn't get into a university, who's fault it is? His, or the parents? I think it can be the kids fault also. But we all have our own opinions.

You don't need technology to create spoiled children, just saying. Children can be spoiled by almost anything.

Bluntly put, your niece is spoiled. My sister is twelve and she still plays with dolls and 'real' stuff. She certainly wouldn't act this ungratefully even with a gift she didn't like.

Exactly! I NEVER had that crap when I was 8. I got my first cell phone at 16 and first iPod at 18. When I went around I either walked through the woods so no one would bother me or had a cheap ass walkie talkie and pay phones to get ahold of my parents. I LOVED Barbies, books, play food, army men, matchbox cars, dirt, and nature. Ungrateful children...

ash1rose 11

That's because your sister was clearly well raised. I'm happy to see that some children still are even in this age of iPhones, iPads, and PS3s.

Wow, I remember when that was all we would play with as kids, not iPods.

mrperspire 4

I know, at age 8. I played outside!! I'd be upset if i got electronics.

At most I would ask for an N64 game. Other than that, it was all Nerf guns, bikes, soccer balls, basketballs, handballs, hell, we even took wooden sticks (brooms, dustpans, etc) and used apples from our apple tree as golfballs and played golf! That was SOOOOO much more fun than any electronic has to offer!

When I was a kid I played with a lot of electronics like my gameboy and my N64. I never played outside, but that's probably because my mom was confident I would catch a life threatening disease if I went outside for longer than it took to get on the school bus. Still, I didn't throw a tantrum if I didn't like something. Kids these days are pretty messed up.

rg350dx 29

If it doesn't have a touch screen or a game/app player kids these days don't even care about it.

rg350dx 29

Yes, it is mildly ironic that I type this from my mini computer with more processing power than it took to get us to the moon but hypocrisy be damned!

I like to believe that there are some kids out there that aren't spoiled and don't spend all of their time behind screens but just aren't noticed because they aren't as interesting as the spoiled ones.

dinosaurzombie 14

That little girl needs to throw away all the things she can turn on and play with that Barbie. Then she needs to get some manners and say thank you next time. If I were you, I wouldn't buy her anything ever again. "You didn't like that Barbie so here's an empty box! I thought you might like it better!"

no shit. I had only a couple of Barbies as a kid. i used a chair as my Barbies house, made paper hats for her to wear, I even made her own clothes. alot kids these days have no imagination or creativity.