By Elmo - 16/02/2009 22:42 - United States

Today, is my brothers 16th birthday. He got keys to the Lexus. I'm 18, have no car, and got pajama pants and chapstick for my birthday. FML
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alwaysalady 0

When my brother was born, my dad took away my college fund. said it would be put to better use on a boy

Wow, your parents are dicks.


Kick his ass and steal the Lexus!!!

ah dude that sucks. sorry, but just think of it this way if he ever crashes it hell be in deep shit.

Favouritism at its finest. I would be pissed too, OP.

slyvanilla_creme 0

yeah my younger sis has a bmw (used, nontheless, a bmw) and i have a toyota would suck more if i didn't have a car, but i'm 28...your only 18, just wait until the economy gets better and you'll be in luck.

Sairagna 2

I don't know why everyone thinks that a better economy equals "everything is better".

A used BMW costs less than a Camry, unless it's an ultra-expensive one.

That doesn't mean that much. You can pick up a used bmw with 200k+ on Craigslist for 2-3,000. Now if it's a new one, that's a different story.

It was just the keys, by the wording, which isn't nearly as horrible. Still pretty bogus to see obvious favoritism.

Wow, your parents are dicks.

completely the youngest with a bitch of a stepmother and her bitchy daughter who's pushing 30...and she always get treated better than I do.

duddenchu 0

Life is a whore! I hear you!!! :-S

alwaysalady 0

When my brother was born, my dad took away my college fund. said it would be put to better use on a boy

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no offense to your parents but I can't stand sexist people like that

That is just horrible.

cadillacgal79 32

Do your parents know we're not in the 1700's?

Your parents and all those with similar beliefs are holding America back.

That is the shittiest thing I've ever heard of a parent doing

I want to shove knives up their asses more than I've ever wanted to do anything before.

I never even got a "college fund", only my brother did. But they did put money aside to pay for me to have a "proper" wedding. Then in fact my brother never went to college and I never got married so they lived it up spending the money on holidays abroad.

quiksta 0

#9 get a life please

#31: seriously? thats so ridiculous. and i wonder if there is a reason they don't trust you with the car? if not, then this is completely insane.