By itsbeenalongday - 27/09/2015 16:05 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was taking a long, relaxing, hot bath with my girlfriend after a long day. She had fallen asleep in my arms and everything was perfect - until I noticed the water around us had started turning yellow as she pissed herself in her sleep. FML
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Looks like urine trouble! ... I'll find the exit myself

If having your hand in water while sleeping makes you pee, then being surrounded by it must have the same effect. Heard of a golden shower, but never a golden bath :)


If having your hand in water while sleeping makes you pee, then being surrounded by it must have the same effect. Heard of a golden shower, but never a golden bath :)

Just don't be a dick about it she had no control over it

MasterTron 24

Better in the tube then in the bed

pretty sure having pee in both the shower and the bed isn't a good thing. Best she pee in the bath than the bed.

He's not being a dick, he just doesn't find bathing in urine a nice thing.

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A relaxing bath where you are in the arms of someone that loves you and you fall asleep? That sounds so amazing I can't even wrap my head around it. I'm jealous. Sorry about the peeing herself part, but accidents happen. You guys will laugh about it one day.

Stop trying to get laid, Jordan. No-one digs the sensitive type.

And girls actually do like the "sensitive" kind. Considering they tend to be romantic. Not every girl likes a piece of shit guy who treats them like a piece of ass.

I'd be surprised if they aren't already laughing about it (:

maybe it's like that kind of dream where you go to the toilet in it. it's not her fault, try not to make it sound like such a big deal or she might feel embarassed over something that she isn't to blame for :(

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Be a gentleman and don't tell her. Save her the embarrassment.

It's not a secret, besides if they are that close no need to keep secrets.

I think she probably already knows. Nothing to be embarrassed about anyway, things happen.

I'd actually be worried if my girlfriend did that. first not being able to hold it, regardless of your environment is a bad sign. Second, that is a tremendous amount of water to turn yellow if you guys were in the bath together. urine isn't supposed to be yellow naturally. generally means dehydration but it could also mean all sorts of things.

You, sir, are one pragmatic mofo. I salute you.

It happens sometimes to the healthiest of people. I've peed the bed as an adult dreaming of peeing. That being said I fall asleep in the tub all the time and have never peed in it. Regardless, I do agree that she would need to be dehydrated or have an issue with her digestive system to be able to have pee yellow enough to turn that much water yellow. OP, don't embarrass her, but let her know because she either needs to drink way more water, or get checked out. Pee should be clear, not yellow. (An exception to this if you are taking certain vitamins, if your body doesn't absorb them completely, you pee the rest out and your pee can be fluorescent yellow)

I don't think the ENTIRE tub turned yellow. He probably just noticed a small cloud of yellow around his girlfriend's crotch. So she didn't really turn a "tremendous" amount of water yellow.

ApacheC424 18

If the tub isn't that big, with two people in it means there wouldn't be very much water so in a sense - a little would go a long way and look worse then it is. I'm with everyone saying shrug it off - you're in the bath and likely have soap handy anyway!

I feel like you put way too much thought into that.

Taking multivitamins like berocca will mean more nutrients in urine regardless of hydration, could be anything.

Just drain the tub, wake her up and don't tell her about it. Save her the embarrassment. She obviously had no control over it.

But then how is he going to tell her they should shower before bed xD

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#25, In a bath you sit in your own dirt and such. With two people the amount of dirt and filth in the tub is double. OP could simply suggest they rinse off with some soap and water because of what could have been in the water of the tub.