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Today, I was texting the girl I am in love with. I was dropping hints about liking someone who I didn't know if they liked me back. Flirting a little. And just when I thought she'd say she liked me too, she said "Don't worry, if you were straight, I would definitely date you!". FML
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How about telling her youre not gay????? Problem solved

Tell her your not gay! Lol unless she says no after you tell her


How about telling her youre not gay????? Problem solved

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Second that motion.... Actually, scratch that... use the gay thing to your advantage. Girls are MUCH more comfortable around gay guys. I don't think I would've ever gotten laid in high school if it wasn't for f*g hags.

Why do people think you're gay to begin with? And #30...that sucks..

yea just tell her you genius!

Just tell her you're not - this is not an FML really. Being Gayish but being straight is common, don't know the percentage but alot of girls prefer softer guys.

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Couldn't have put it better myself. :)

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If he had called her bluff, she would have come up with something else :P I can see her saying "Oh, I meant, IF I weren't gay.." or something along those lines :)

#30: Until they decide to hook you up with their gay friend...

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#55 you win. If she did that though then others would end up thinking she was gay because he could spread it.

kiss her next time you see her.....

Or how about "For you i'd become straight" ... seriously this is not that bad. She said she'd date him, that is the hard part.

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That text sounds like great news lol. Just pray she's not lieing.

Wow.. I don't think it would be that easy. Cause from the way it sounds, she's probably saying that to make you feel better. I mean she thinks you're gay, which i assume means that you "act" gay... and if this were the case, do you really think she'd actually be attracted to you? Of course, it could be possible a friend told her that. You should ask her "what makes you think that I'm gay?" and see where that goes. Good luck to you.

coz he is

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30 I think they prefer guys hard

this is a good thing it's possible that she's lying to make you feel better but if she's not then you got the girl :)

this isn't an fml, just tell her

ouch, well girls have good gaydar.

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Not this one.

girls have good gaydar? girls also think they can also be good friends with guys that are attracted to them.

Girls CAN be good friends with guys that are attracted to them, but if a guy is attracted to them, friendship rarely works. Girls have that friend zone they can put you in. Guys only have "sleep with you" or "sleep with you if I'm drunk" zones.

so true. you live, you learn.

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I thought they had homometers?

there's also the 'wouldn't f*** her with someone else's d*** zone.'

you are SO wrong ... i am a guy and have attractive female friends that i ... oh wait...

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actually i was best friends with a guy that liked me and it was fine.

126, I don't think you understand how much it pisses us off to be put in the friend zone though

Every guy that I have ever been friends with ended up confessing his love for me... Its pretty akward.

Tell her your not gay! Lol unless she says no after you tell her

You should have said, "Well aren't you lucky!" By the way, we capitalize "I" when writing in English.

Dude calm down, it was once in the entire post. OP, I really do hope you just told her you weren't. Although I don't know if I'd wanna date a girl who thought I was gay.

Actually, it was twice. What exactly do I need to calm down about? I'm not angry about anything. I just think there is absolutely no excuse for such mistakes when all there is to proof-read is a few sentences.

Well now it doesn't matter because it was corrected. At least this website allows editing.

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Out of all the comments you had to pick on the one that didn't use a capital I. I can certainly see far worse grammar on this page.

Ra +1 Cheeseball +1

i i i i i i i i think you're an idiot. making a huge deal out of nothing . . . shame on you!

i i i i i i i i think you're an idiot. making a huge deal out of nothing . . . shame on you!

this is an informal site. i'm sure whoever didn't capitalize his/her "I" would have done it in a paper or business email.

"Proofread" is one word. Conjunctions dividing two independent clauses are followed by a comma. Pot. Kettle. Black.

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Conjunctions that divide two independent clauses are PRECEDED by a comma.

dammn. thats what happpens when you hide your masculinity

thank u!!Yes it is not that hard to solve FMLS!!! Come on people Think!

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Well, did you set her "straight", if I may? Although... a lot of women have good gaydars. You might want to think about that.

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#7 is win. OP deserves it for not knowing what "in love" is. Not saying you can't be in love with somebody if you're not with them, but if you're in love you show it and they will probably know you at least like them. >_>

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MAN UP AND JUST TELL HERE YOUR NOT GAY AND YOU LOVE HER !!!!! go on and do it before the love of your life gets taken 8)

No, that will scare her off. He just needs to ask her out on a date.

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Simpley tell her you are not gay you realy over react. Bwuahahahahahahah.

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she'll reject you if you tell her you're straight. the only reason why she said she would date you is because she thinks there is no way you would be straight.

Not true #11... you can show a girl you're not gay.... just kiss her passionately to prove it to her