By justgivemethed - 25/04/2013 07:55 - United States - Westminster

Today, I was tutoring a band member. Whenever I ask him to play a D or any D scale, he stops just to snicker and say, "Ha ha. D." He still sucks. I hate his guts. FML
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You should tell him to play F. As in "F you".

Maybe not. According to OP, the boy sucks on the D.


Oh I'm sorry. But just think. One day you'll actually go somewhere and he'll be stuck in a 6th grade mindset.

Op, you might hate his guts, but you love the rest of him! Is that why you want him to give you a D?

Tell him he's really good and build up his confidence to play in front of a crowd. After he's booed off stage, tell him his performance gets him a D.

He wants the D Someone better D-liver it!

Welshite, if you don't like liver? Oh well, more for me >:D

#17: Aren't you just the selfish one?

Welshite, you better not get between me and my food >:). My mom tried that once... ONCE.

I'm tougher than your mother. There's nothing better than biting into raw liver, and feeling the blood drip down your chin. I use the blood on my hands to paint pictures too. My best drawing so far has been of a flower.

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But I thought Snickers really satisfy. Hey, you get paid by the hour, so the more time he wastes with Beavis and Butthead humor, the more you get paid for doing nothing.

Where does it say "by the hour"? I've been tutored by the class before. Not to forget, if the kid doesn't learn anything, OP could get fired.

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19 - It is fair for 6 to make the assumption that it is by the hour since that is how most tutoring services charge. Also, there is a difference between negligence and unwillingness on the part of the tutor and on the part of the student. If the student is unwilling to learn and purposely not trying to learn, that is not the fault of the tutor. OP is more likely to quit than get fired.

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I'm in band and unless op has private tutoring with people, op doesn't get paid. I've been tutored when I switched instruments, I got tutored during band class at school.

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I like the way you rhymed op, it made me chuckle! Lol. What an immature "D-ick" though.

Maybe not. According to OP, the boy sucks on the D.

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He really needs to extract the D from his brain.

F him up like a G, B4 he makes you go any more crazy.

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My gut tells me this douche won't be giving anyone an O anytime soon.

I'm going to be honest, I am sitting here trying to figure out what that even means. Will someone be kind enough to inform me?

I haven't but I get what it means, but whatever sometimes people can be slow

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It's sad you admitted that, 38