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Today, I ran out of the house after my dog, tripped and knocked myself out on the railing by the front step. I woke up to my little brother lifting up the back of my dress for the neighborhood to see. FML
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I'm kidding btw, im not that perverted. I'm a girl anyways

OMG a girl on the intrawebs!!!!! Could the legends be real??? I'm also kidding btw

I don't like cake! I am kidding as well.

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10- Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you can't be perverted.

Hey Doc, what's your picture of? It kind of looks like a soldier with his helmet falling off, but I'm betting it's something medical.

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Hope you weren't going commando at the moment OP

Noor- Just to save Doc the trouble, I'll help you out: It's a dislocated prosthetic hip. I thought what you did at first, but with Doc's pics it's always medical.

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30 - Really? Why don't you choke on his **** you little bitch!

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Dude, its called ****. Use google and you find alot

(•)(•) no im giving him erotic pictures can't you see? Between the butt above and these fine boobays I can just imagine the tent he's pitched in his pants.

Pfft. Those aren't boobs. ( * )( * ) These are boobs. With stars on the nipples! Whoo!

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( • Y • Y • ) third nipple

You should have a talk to the brother, or the mom. Hes only 8 though, but it's best if he corrects his behavior before its too late.. But yeah, a talk with the brother or mother would be best:) And try to be more careful next time.. And the good news is that if it happened once, it's less probably that it will happen again :) Fyl though.

I don't remember it saying he was 8...

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I'm on the mobile app but I don't see where it says the brother's age. Do you know OP personally or did I miss something?

Oh **** me.. Looks like I tarded big time >.< Sorry for that! I think I thought about the soap eating guy.. Thank you 7 and 8 for pointing that out:)

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LOL okay thanks for clarifying that. Oh and I hate that I posted my post at the EXACT minute as the person above me so it looks like I was an idiot and didn't read their post but in reality theirs wasn't up yet as god my posting.

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*of not god. ******* autocorrect.

Oops i see you corrected yourself lol I didn't notice that until I posted the other comment :)

I bet he will grow up to be a sleazy perv

What a stupid thing to say. I killed my hamster when I was a LITTLE kid, does that make me a serial killer?

So wrong 4… it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for

Yes #25, you killed my sister, remember?

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Little brothers...they just love messing with you.

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He couldn't resist after seeing dat ass.

There little, they don't know any better, so you can't really call them scumbags...

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Well actually little brother doesn't clarify his age he could be 18 and she could be 21, and still call her brother little. Im 15 and my sister is 17 and she still calls me her little sister even though I'm taller than her -.-

If you're going to moon half of thee neighborhood, you damn well better make a profit from it! I hope your brother at least charged 5 bucks per viewing. He's a businessman in the ma- Oh shit, this FML is about you. Sorry OP. Hopefully these aren't neighbors you see on a regular basis. If so, just leave their bill in their mailboxes. ;)

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At least you're awake now to sign autographs after the show

23- Best way to get girls here: realize this isn't a dating site and shut the **** up.

Awesomeness: If op's underwear said, "Thank you, come again!" Or maybe she didn't have on undies. o////o

That's when you get up and pants him.