Catboys rise up

By CatWoman - 11/02/2010 05:33 - United States

Today, I hooked up with a guy who has a Facebook page for his cat. FML
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haha "Tim is in a relationship with Mr. Sprinkles and it's complicated"


i have a twitter page for my dog, but i dont use it lmfao

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it's only creepy if he was in a relationship with the cat.

haha "Tim is in a relationship with Mr. Sprinkles and it's complicated"

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oh Wooddaver, you understand my twisted mind well.

wrong it's only creepy if the girl guy and cat all went along on a date there lies the issue where the it becomes really strange and overcompulsive over a pet

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LMAO the OP isn't getting much sympathy because a lot of the commenters here are losers that don't understand why it's sad to have a facebook page for a pet. please people get a life. It's funny how a lot of you sit on here wasting your lives trying to think of "witty" comments to post on this website, while managing your useless rabbits Facebook page. no wonder the world is going to shit. you all think you are so smart and important when in reality you contribute nothing to society.

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Then you come on here and try to look like you have a life by bitching about people who supposedly don't have a life. cool story brah.

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Haha, my friend has a facebook page for his pet rock!

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@Wasted Elmo. Are you saying it's only creepy if the guy wanted a threesome involving his cat?

And doing the same thing makes you better how?

I think the OP isn't getting much sympathy because it's a little slutty to hook up with someone if you know that little about them. but there are actually an alarming number of people with pet facebook pages here.

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if her name is catwoman automatically fake

It's sad to have facebook page whatsoever

it randomly smelt like cologne in my room when I read this...

that's so lame... I know friends who do that too...

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lmfao. ur rude? its not lame scumbag.

Well one of my friends is in a relationship with his skateboard hahah. He's an avid skater and a really nice bloke so it's all good.

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Well if that's all it takes to get laid I would have done it a year ago

how many friends does ur cat have?? and does he have more friends then u??

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I bet that the only reason this is a fml is because the cat has more friends than her -.-

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Wow, you sure know how to pick 'em.

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lol I'm gonna make one for my bunny now and I'll add his cat!!!!

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shit you hooked up with that guy too... hahah? I thought I was special. (jk)

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ahem. I really make fun of these type of people, a facebook page for a cat?? He's probably retard, and totally ydi if you knew about it beforehand.

exactly my thought. did the op know about it prior to? if so, ydi of course. if not, he could have told you that on the 1-10 nerd scale he ranks in at a 13.

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You know, it's entirely possible he did it as a joke. Or, with the ridiculously large number of facebook games that require having other friends that play, a lot of people make extra accounts. Perhaps he decided to make an extra account for his cat instead of just leaving it blank and unimaginative. Now if he puts more effort into the cat's page than his own that's one thing, but the page itself doesn't mean he's obsessed with the cat. FHL for hooking up with someone who has no sense of humor and finds something as innocent as a pet facebook page to be disturbing.