By overlandparkmommie - United States
Today, I was so totally stressed out at work that I took my car into the park and reclined my seat and shut my eyes. Soon I noticed the soothing sounds of raindrops on my car and I felt a little better for once. I opened my eyes to see that a bunch of birds had crapped all over my car. FML
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By  ztc14gk  |  0

So fyl for sleeping? I have one better.

"Today, I tried going to sleep after studying for 8 hours for my final tomorrow. So stressed from all the information I decided to listen to my ipod to relax me and get me to sleep. It is no longer in my bag,my roommate likes to leave with the door wide open so anyone can just walk in. So now I am stressed from my test and because I was robbed. FML"

At least you have the ability to sleep.