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  sulitak  |  27

1. tattoos are a personal choice
2. OP never said it was a name. My husband and I have matching tattoos. I also have tattoos matching with friends. some I don't talk to still, some I do

By  I2OI3  |  0

Don't remove it though, it's a battle scar! Now you have a great story to tell when you meet someone and they see your tat - and you can say, ya the tattoo lasted longer than the relationship - it just sounds like one of those cool lines out of a movie!

By  pleasetryagain  |  0

Getting a tattoo of someone's name is a surefire way to get fate to turn against you. No matter how in love you are, how perfect your life is, and how wonderful and pure your love may be, it's a better idea to get a shitty cartoon on your ass. YDI.