By boner - 01/02/2010 20:51 - United States

Today, I was spacing out in French class and randomly got an erection. My professor called on me to stand up at the front of the room and say, "I am wearing a belt," in French. Not everyone was observing just my belt. FML
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perdix 29

Je suis sporting un bon-AIR Ecoutez et repetez: Un bon-AIR. . . Un bon-AIR

You should get extra credit for really getting passionate about learning the language of love. :-)


Shmoe 0

was your professor hot? if not then you got bigger issues than just an erection in class

maybe the classroom **** sits in front of him.

crailboyne 0

y do we suck? anyways I've had my shorts AND boxers pulled down once during recess and everyone saw my was cold outside too...

owch well it happens to the best of usman

"sorry teach, I got sporting major wood right now"

Or... "Can you wait a second, I'm pitching a tent... pick someone else until I'm done."

holy shit that happened to me in the boys locker room !!

crailboyne 0

was it cold in the boys locker room?

YouLifeIsMine 0

damn that happened to me too only I didn't have my pants off. I had a random errections for some reson lol. but this is the best FML

YouLifeIsMine 0

that comment was telling bmack somthing

Excuse me sir, is that the eiffel tower in your pants? x peace out x

stewpididiot 11

you swallow.... hahahahahahah!!!!!!!

stewpididiot 11
perdix 29

Je suis sporting un bon-AIR Ecoutez et repetez: Un bon-AIR. . . Un bon-AIR

haha best one yet. you should have said that

TheCoolGuy3434 0
SUSAltd 0

J'ai bonheur! I have happiness!

nadsm 0

cool... you take french... awesome...

You fail, it's "J'ai du bonheur", even though you can't really say that in French.

Gumblebum100 0

I <3 you. your comments always make me laugh perdix lol

crailboyne 0

I tried taking French but the classes were too LONG and HARD.

I love that word, first time in class when we learnt it everyone laughed their asses off. Lol immature much?

Regnard_fml 0

Actually, it's "je suis heureux"; "I am happy". You can't have happiness, at least in French. You can also say "J'ai beaucoup de bonheur dans ma vie"; "I have loads of happiness in my life", but it's usually in the past tense "J'ai eu beaucoup de bonheur..."; "I had loads of happiness..." And yeah, that's it for French class, now.

perdix 29

Merci beaucoup. (Thank you, loads.)

biancster 0
hothotheat_ 13

uhm actually 178 you can say "I have (insert emotion here.)" like J'ai faim. which means I'm hungry. I don't know if that works for happiness or not though.

Regnard_fml 0

Being hungry is not an emotion. You can't say "J'ai de la tristesse"; "I have sadness" or any other emotions. Unless you're speaking lolcats. #187, yeah, I'm living in the province of Quebec x')

digibenho 0

Regnard.. you rock :P moi aussi je vis là.. mais c'est toujours drôle de voir des Anglophones essayer de parler Français :P and OP : Je porte une ceinture.

Wtf no that means thanks you, a lot you idiot

WOW that sucks. what were u doing, thinking about doing your GF?? but anyway that suxs

jimgrant1 0

i moderated this one, if youi dont think its funny, i disagree with you, but i will defend to the death your right to say it

What are you talking about #23? He was just talking about how OP's siuation sucks. Way to look like a douche by trying to squeeze what you think is a profound quote in totally the wrong context.

boatkicker 4

Was that a failure of a Voltaire reference, #23? Or Evelyn Beatrice Hall? I'm sure if I thought about it, I could come up with one somewhat more relevant.

bassxchick12 0

why are you quoting volitaire?

Dude, you shoulda whispered in your teachers ear. "Je ne peux pas me lever Monsieur. J'ai un erection." A+ for oral. As long as u speak the language, the teachers happy. Not as happy as you are but happy still xD

ItisMyOpinion 0
ouchthatsux 0

*cough* oral. hidden pun there buddy :P

crailboyne 0

don't you know? you have to say epic before you say fail or it means nothing.

sorry about that. I was replying and I accidentally pressed send without thinking... you know what? just forget about it.

sorry about that. I accidentally pressed 'send' while typing. you know what? just forget about it.

WOW. okay my computer is officially ******

what kind of teacher calls you to the front of the room to say one sentence? most of mine would ask me to do it from my desk. how awkward.

YDI for stading up in the first place... you should've stayed the hell down!

screwball111 0

you are very good at speaking languages! :) ~yur welcome!

samoht05 0

You were wearing a belt and DIDN'T know how to tuck? YDI entirely.

twilightfreak779 0

sooo, why did you bring attention to your belt? why not say "i'm wearing a shirt"?

... That's what the teacher told hm to say, dude.