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Today, I called a tree removal company to have my diseased elm removed. When I got home from work, I was surprised to find it still there. Not as surprised as my neighbor was to discover that his tree was missing, nor as surprised as his children when they saw there was no more tree-house. FML
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How can they be so reckless about that stuff and not even verify first? It takes a lifetime to grow big enough for treehouses. Poor kids. :/

You would think a tree removal company would know what a diseased tree looked like.


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If its a reputable tree company I believe they should be able to recognize a "diseased elm".

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I can't believe they wood do that, don't they know how to distinguish between properties? You'd think that their roots in the occupation would have given them some sense. Oh well, go to court and trim their bank account if your neighbor gives you trouble.

YDI if you didn't give the directions in Spanish.

#25: I think you are on the wrong site. Leave please.

#1, I'm pretty sure they specified the one on THEIR property, NOT the neighbors property.

And if they have a representable IQ, then they should also know how to read a home address.

aside from getting the wrong tree ( neighbor could have had the same tree )... they got the wrong house AND on top of it they didnt question the tree house on top of a "diseases tree" that no one seemed to mention to them.... just plain ridiculous!!!!

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Not only do I agree with #7, I must also point out that they should also know how to in the OP's address on the work order... I feel sorriest for the neighbor kids. I hope they weren't TOO upset. I hope that you demand that the company that made the mistake come back and remove the correct tree at no charge, refund any monies you have already paid, AND replace the tree house the destroyed.

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Yeah its sad for the kids but what about all the squirrels they made homeless

^ Theres a nice deseased elm tree that they can move into that's not too far away. It seems like a perfet place for them.

really OP, you couldn't schedule something as important as a tree removal for a day that you would be home? Couldn't have a friend wait their and make sure it was done right? You really only have yourself to blame for not being there. Yes they ****** up but had you, the owner of the property been there it wouldn't have happend.

#99. "As Important as a tree removal" I don't consider tree removals to be anywhere near as important as to where I would have to reschedule it to overlook it.

Not really. You pay for them to come and cut your tree down. You shouldn't have to babysit them. They are the professionals, they are the ones who should've knocked first instead of just barging in the garden because firstly it's just plain rude and secondly if the neighbour was in they wouldn't of cut down the wrong tree. You pay people to do stuff, and they do it. OP is the customer and the tree surgeon is the one who will get in trouble for it.

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#84 - I'm sure the squirrels found a new tree to live in. And while its unfortunate that the squirrels were rendered homeless, there are some diseases that effect trees and then will spread to the trees next to it and keep spreading. So the smartest thing to do is displace one trees squirrel population before an entire neighborhoods squirrel population is wiped out.

How can they be so reckless about that stuff and not even verify first? It takes a lifetime to grow big enough for treehouses. Poor kids. :/

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When doctors remove a healthy leg or arm. How are they gonna fix that? MD's make that mistake a lot. What do you expect from tree people?

As #7 stated up there awhile ago, it probably isn't hard to recognize a diseased elm if they're a reliable, knowledgable company.

And I am pretty sure doctors can tell a healthy arm from a diseased one. If they can't then they might not be doctors for too long.

33- If they do remove an arm or leg it won't take as long to fix as a tree does to grow.

It's easier and cheaper to replace a tree than an arm.

Yep time too sue. Best solution to everything.

Why did my comment get downvotes? Can't they just put you back under and fix the mistake they made with your arm? Maybe I'm wrong but it takes trees a few years to grow full size.

You can't grow back an arm, you have to pay A LOT for a prosthetic. And uh, I wouldn't go to your doctor if they have a history of chopping off the wrong body part.

Ya, they can just sew your arm back on and you are fine.

it takes a lifetime? nah it takes money. you can BUY fully gown trees if you have the cash for it and if they removed the wrong tree from the wrong property they have an obligation to reimburse him a fair amount for it. I'd ask for however much it would cost to get a large tree planted in place of it and wait about a year then make a new tree house

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Why would a doctor remove a good limb??

"it takes trees a few years to grow full size" oh yes only a few years meaning you know like less than 80 apparently.

You would think a tree removal company would know what a diseased tree looked like.

You're insane, that's like saying politicians know what they're talking about!

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MD's_Doctors, surgeons can't tell which limb/leg is bad. They have removed a perfectly healthy limb before.

I guess they didn't notice the tree house on the fact that the tree was on the neighbors lawn

I don't think that happens often as amputations can usually be fairly obvious which limb needs removing. Hint: sometimes they're covered in blood and mauled.

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or gangrenous or smelling. yes doctors do make mistakes but you make it sound like its an everyday occurance

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Thats a horrible comparison 32

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Doctors removing the wrong limb is more common than you may think. That's why people write "not this arm. Other one to be removed", or something similar in big letters on their arm when it is being removed.

Spagetiokillers 8

59 i don't think anyone is saying that it doesn't happen however the comparison is stupid this tree wasn't even on the correct property there was a kind of "not this arm" on the tree considering there was a tree house. So basically if you want to compare it to the doctors. It would be that the doctor cut off the wrong arm on a completely different person. Also you cant replace an arm but you can replace a tree.

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They were barking up the wrong tree. FYL, OP!

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I guess the elm-ent of suprise here left OP stumped.

I want to let you in on a little secret *looks around* *whispers* there's a button for that.

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Well my bad I'm sorry I'm not perfect

43- You better be sorry. All the perfects here are getting pretty angry.

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37, you do know there's a button to show your dislike of a comment too, right?

60 - You mean the one you could have used? ;)

This thread is the epitome of hypocrisy.8 could have used the FYL button. 37 could have used the Down vote button. 60 could have done the same thing to 37. I could have also done the same instead of posting an incredibly confusing comment...

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I admit I messed up sorry didn't mean to cause an uproar.

My trees have that same disease. Where little houses full of magic and wonder randomly appear on top of them. I see how they could have gotten that wrong.

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I think both you AND your neighbor can bring a claim against the tree removal service.

I don't think OP can. But OP can refuse payment since the work specified wasn't done. The neighbor almost certainly can though.

OP has nothing to claim for... He can refuse payment though.

Kristoffer 35

op can refuse payment and demand that the proper services be rendered.

I work in tree removal. It is unacceptable that the company got the wrong tree in the wrong house. Have them replace the other tree for free be cause they screwed up. Then get another tree company to remove your tree

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The removal company should remove the proper tree at no cost, reimburse OP for the cost of the tree removal, and replace the neighbors tree and tree house. OP should not have to pay a new company.

Why would they do that work for OP for free? They didn't cut down the wrong tree on OP's property, they did that on the neighbors. That's the person they're going to have to satisfy. If OP wants his tree removed he will probably have to pay someone. And like #11 said; give the business to someone more competent.

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you have missed the point entirely. they didnt do the job they said they would therefore they should still complete that job. op was wrongrd just as much as thier neighbour.

Op HIRED (which means he gave them money) to remove his tree. They removed the wrong tree. So they still have to do their job and remove his tree. They also need to replace the neighbor's tree and tree house.

If he paid them then yes, they need to come back and do the work they contracted to do. But it doesn't say anything about them being paid. Also. When I HIRE a cab, I don't pay until I arrive at the destination. Just because someone's been hired doesn't mean they've been paid.