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Today, I was playing football for my school. I had the ball and was running down the sideline. The guy behind pulled my flag off along with my shorts and boxers. I dove to try to escape and I happened to land on the hottest girl in the class who was on the sideline. I had no pants on. FML
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So not an FML. Honestly, if you didn't ask her out right then and there (which would have been epic and she couldn't say no), you lost all right to your testicles.

Pretty sure you wouldn't have 53, and pretty sure you don't know many girls very well if you think they wouldn't be able to say no.

It's called a joke bro. Learn to take one.

Yeah. It was a joke someone had already made and you just sounded like an idiot repeating as though you had any experience with girls.

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I was adding on to it. I guess some girls just don't have a sense of humor. This site must suck for you. Also, you responded to my post as if I was being serious, which still means you couldn't see it as a joke. I find it hilarious how you fail to realize how much of an idiot you look like.

A football player going down on the hottest girl in school without pants. Wow, how surprising.

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ignore the angry girl. Any girl with a sense of humor would love that. It's not like he intentionally attacked her.

'Wouldn't be able to say no'? I know a lot of girls who'd refuse to go out with a guy that just fell on her pantless. >>'

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Agreed, and it really wouldn't be funny at the moment for the girl. I know I certainly wouldn't find it funny that while I'm standing by the field probrobly talking to someone I'm suddenly slammed to the ground with a half naked boy and his flailing bits on me.

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the only thing worse would be if he got a boner

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Look who's talking. You clearly won't get a gf

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It's not really. It would've been an FML if he fell on the wheelchair kid on the sideline, thus breaking the kids' arms off and leaving him to wobble the rest of his life.

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Um... pretty freaking embarrassing to be butt naked at school event. Worse that he fell on a girl and I'm sure she was freaked by his public weiner. Yeah, it's an FML.

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It all depends on how you take it. If you're a loser with no confidence, you'll blush and embarassingly run off and people will make fun of you for the rest of your life. FML Or, you could be like, "Duff Man, ohhh yeahhh!! Feel the looooveee!!" -pelvic thrust and run through the crowd of shocked parents, cheering friends and jealous losers with no confidence- Then wink at the girl and get a date. MLIG Or, if she says no, that's really not the worst of your troubles at that point. MLIA Again, it really depends on what you make out of the situation.

this is a FML because OP doesn't have a long enough manhood =)

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Funny thing is, there's at least a 90% chance you wouldn't do anything like that IRL. Really easy to be a hypocrite on the internet, isn't it?

my thoughts exactly. she probably enjoyed, btw YDI for playing flag football.

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If you also play tackle football and just play flag during off season, it's excusable

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Yeah i spose. But i reckon most guys have a decent understanding of female anatomy. With the a amount of pornograhy the majority of white teenagers view, they get decent "education" from that (for lack of a better word)

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**** videos don't cover everything... **** stories come closer.

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#16 might I ask why you say the amount of **** "white" teenagers bier? As if white teenagers are worse than other racial groups? More importantly, why are you bringing race into things? I know I'm the one calling attention to it, but I was wondering what made that an important enough piece tht you added it...

Wahaha this is the funniest FML comments ive ever read...... jesus im going to read through these again..

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Yeah, right. I'm sure you little virgins don't even know what fallopian tubes are.

i agree wit bexox. because we all know that everytime a man has sex they dig around the inside the female so they will know their anatomy. i mean i couldnt imagine getting off without scraping off some o that ovary lining. mmhmmm thats the stuff

#16 do you think white guys are the only ones who watch ****, you stupid piece of shit?

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Well sextacy, or whatever your name is, these guys are braggin about how much "anatomy" they know from watching ****. Yeah, it's so educational. And so realistic too. That's part of anatomy, in case you didn't know.

who is fallipoan? is hee cool? jk :)

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No I was thinking the same thing about him brining race into it.

All i know is those are the evil pits from where little demons come forth and ruin lives. Gotta close em off fast lol

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I'd count that as a notch on the bedpost!

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If you'd count this as a notch, you're a ******* virgin

#81 if you'd consider that a serious comment, you're a ******* moron.

I'd have to say it sounds that way! Too movie like lol

Yeah, I think so too. Pants don't rip that easy.

If he was playing flag football and wearing PE shorts, then it's possible that the guy who pulled off his flags could have easily pulled off his shorts(and boxers). The FML doesn't say that they ripped.

seriously out of all the people in the world playing flag football this couldn't happen to one?