By xsnqw - 19/01/2016 22:28 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was sitting at my desk in school, and I was really bored. I started playing with the strings on my pants, only to realize 5 minutes later it looked like I was fondling my dick. FML
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What would you think it looks like.

I hope your not the teacher


What would you think it looks like.

I've been in OP's situation before (minus the dick part). I was just bored, and didn't really think about what it seemed like to others. It's kind of like when you end up staring at someone's crotch, while deep in thought about something.

LOOOL were you that bored to have been playing with string

Yep... That's what it says

Why can't people just say what's on their mind, even if it's so obvious...

Lets just hope no one noticed you op...

"Today I fondled my dick for 5 minutes only to realize that it looked like I was playing with my pants. How embarrassing."

I hope your not the teacher

And that's how long it usually takes, 5 minutes!

5 minutes? Damn you got stamina! Haha.

They call me Shotgun. One pump and I shoot my load

yenze 18

Well it just looked like you were, least you were not actually playing pull the jolly until your jolly

yenze 18


The grammar was correct ;)

idk i mean most people i know would be doodling or something

cosmic_peanut 17

what a knoghty situation to be in

Shartie 16

I've never heard anyone call it that before!

Never call it what? Strings?

well atleast you didnt have to stand u p for a presentation or something xD