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Today, I interviewed for a full scholarship to college. In the interview I said that I was excited about the new dean because I think she’ll be able to really make improvements and bring the school back to where it used to be. After the interview, I learned my interviewer was the former dean. FML
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By  mrdouchebag  |  0

They are the former dean for a reason. If you believe the new one will make many improvements then don't be scared to say it, because obviously many other people thought the same and that's how they got the job.

By  amirn86  |  0

LOL @ #3
#8 - normally it would probably be fine, but right now the OP is trying to the old dean to approve a full scholarship for him/her. If you were leaving your job and one of the last things you had to do was give away money, would you want to give it someone who just said you sucked at your job? But in most other cases I'd say you're right
Sorry OP, I hope that the former dean somehow admires your dedication to the school or overlooks that statement and grants you the full scholarship anyway :D

By  greatnt249  |  0

#10, s/he never said the old dean "sucked at his/her job"; s/he said s/he was excited about the improvements the new dean would bring to the school.

We also don't know if the interviewer didn't ask any questions about the new dean to begin with, thus setting him/herself up for criticism and/or comments.