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Today, I realized that even though I was an honor student throughout school, and considered the golden child who was going to go far in life, all I've accomplished a year after graduation is becoming an unemployed single mother still living with my parents. FML
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So you're a 19-year old who was irresponsible enough to get knocked up, and you're complaining? Did you think someone would hand you success on a silver platter? Sorry princess, life doesn't work that way. You want to be successful? Work for it.

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You were an honor student and couldn't read the instructions on a condom? or birth control pills?


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hey the economy is hard out their don't quite you will get a great paying job and a year after ain't that long

Judging by your use of the English language, you never even graduated high school. And yes, a year is a long time to not have a job. Also, getting knocked up in that year? What a loser....

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wait..wait..wait leme get thi straight... your the golden child?!?!?!

not even kidding, this is what my birth caused for my mom lol. but she ended up going to college after i grew up.

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same with me. Took her a while to get to uni, now she's doing her's not like your life is over or anything..

Damnation. If you are the golden child with all the promise, your siblings must be the fu*ked up, pus-filled carbuncles on the ass of the family. Maybe you and your siblings can form a band and take that sh*t on the road. You get 1 FML vote, and 1 more vote for fu*king yourself without help from anyone.

I think she misunderstood. She's the golden chicken, not child.

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i believe its the single mother bit thats got everyones panties caught in a twist. if she were single and unemployed youd say "so what? jobs are scarce and its only been a year". taking ownership of your mistakes (im assuming its a mistake, a 'golden child' wouldnt be stupid enough to plan for a pregnancy just out of high school) is not a bad thing, and so long as you look at the big picture youll realise this isnt a big deal.

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What bothered me wasn't just that she had a child possible while she was still in high school, but that she is bragging about how, because she was an honors student , that that automatically makes her the "golden child" and better than her sibling(s) or peers, or whoever else she may have been comparing herself to. Just because you may be book smart doesn't make you better than anyone else, nor does it mean it's okay to have a condescending air towards them. Additionally, doing well at school or being book smart doesn't necessarily make you a good or successful person.

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^your fat ass probably hasn't graduated college and tried getting a decent job in this economy. i bet if you had to support your appetite on your own you'd be more empathetic to the OP's situation. anyone who thinks its still easy to get a decent job right now is either not in need of employment ir a total moron. hang in there OP! Keep pushing and searching, don't give up!

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48, we're referring to the single mother status. Everyone knows it's hard to find a job these days. Relax.

^wow what crawled up your ass. and laid an egg. and hatched. which then crawled further up. your ass.

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I'm assuming that was meant for 48, mamamiaaa.

yes sorry. unless there's something up yours as well? or, dare I say, someone?

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MY fat ass DID graduate college AND found a job in this economy AND I'm not living at my parent's place with a kid. And before you ask, I am a girl. In this day and age there is no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy. Use a condom every time, take the pill daily, and if you're not sure what happened last night, Plan B goes for $50 at the pharmacy.

Actually, unplanned pregnancies can and do happen even if you're responsible. I have a friend who can't take the pill or any kind of hormone based contraceptives and condoms failed, and another who got pregnant while on the contraceptive injection. I'm not saying it's the most common cause of unplanned pregnancy, but contraception isn't 100% effective even if you use a back up method. Besides which, how do you know it was unplanned? She could even have been married and her husband left for all any of us know. And even if it was just a drunken mistake, it still sucks. I'm back living with my parents because the British science industry was decimated in the recession, I have a masters in molecular neurobiology but my cleaner's wages aren't enough for my own place. Hang in there OP, things will get better. Just don't give up, keep sending out resumes etc.

I take it no one from Australia has commented on this FML yet... just here to say happily that we escaped the financial crisis and our unemployment is down :) not bad for a country started with convicts lol get jobs here lol we do have a problem with young mothers tho... bloody lazy tarts can keep their legs closed but choose not to for the government payouts... our gov. gives you 5,000 just to have a baby... then like 1000 a fortnight from then on out... bloody joke!

oh shit shit shitty... why do I always post in the most random spots... sorry peeps lol

^ I would just like to inform everyone that not everyone in Australia is as retarded as the above poster.

lol clearly retarded is a bit harsh... but I'll go with it. what point made you go there? what part was incorrect? remembering I didn't even mean it to go on this post... i do not even know how it went back up to page 1.. however.. if retarded is all you have.. :)

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She got god damn pregnant before she had a stable job, and a house. of course she deserves it.

Most of the people replying to this comment are probably proof accidents happen. So she had a kid youngish. You have no idea what the circumstances were. Protection fails all the time. Yanksyby who seems to want a gold star for not getting pregnant doesn't seem to take into consideration lots of people can't take the pill, or that it's still only 99% safe, and that even unbroken condoms can fail. Most mothers will have someone supporting them when they have their children regardless of what point of their life they have kids, whether it's their partner, the government, or their parents. A year is not a long time to go without a job. OP, just enjoy being home with your kid while they're little. Your parents probably like having their grandchild around. When they go to school you can find a job that you aren't going to have to take a break from for children in the future, like a lot of other people will.

True, retarded was a bit harsh. But you were implying that all women who use the Australian government's baby bonus are 'lazy tarts' and that they 'choose' to have children young because they don't close their legs. Not to mention your spelling and grammar is appalling - But mostly just the fact that you were making a huge generalisation that was, I don't know, maybe a bit *harsh*

Yeah, and then a bloody flood comes by, kill the children and then they start making new ones.

Haha you agreed that you have a fat ass lol fat american ****

Actually there is a way to prevent pregnancies: its called NOT HAVING SEX! You don't have to have sex in order to prove your love, to prove your social status, to prove sumthing to your friends, or to even have fun in life. You can have all that without sex. Having sex dosn't/shouldnt prove anything

strikeeagle - That doesn't really do much about rape though. And I think you just listed, at most, 1% of the reasons people have sex. It's because people enjoy sex...

grammar and spelling really don't concern me...your not grading my paper. I really can't be bothered scrolling up to see what I wrote, but I'm sure I mentioned 'young' or 'teenage' pregnancies.... we had kids all of the news wanting kids, to get the bonus.... to buy ******* plasmas... so i stand by what I said!

I agree with you. and no u didn't say everyone, u generalized the young population and as an aussie myself, I've seen and undersand exactly what ur talking about. and yes the majority of young mothers these days do only have children for the bonus. so if agreeing with u makes me retarded too so be it, but for the one whos denying this very clear fact. open your eyes and actually take a look.

@170 and 183 I'm really struggling to comprehend why you two think you're right. 183 - "and no u didn't say everyone, u generalized the young population". That is exactly what I was calling her out on. Can you not read? "The fact that you were making a huge generalisation that was, I don't know, maybe a bit *harsh*" I am an Australian too and I am also a teenager. I know two girls who have had children young, not because they were trying to get the bonus, but because they were stupid, didn't use protection and then refused to get an abortion. The audacity that you two have to say that young girls choose to bring children into the world just for money is beyond me. Sure, some girls might do it. But in no way does it mean that you have the right to say that the majority of them do it. Do you know any girls that have done it? I sure don't see young mothers running around buying things left right and center saying "Thank god I had that baby just for the money." Most of them seem pretty damn destitute to me. I think girls that have children young are idiots - But I don't think they do it for money. Christ, get a grip, don't be so prejudiced.


Are you stupid? Repeating whatever it is that got you moderated will earn you more moderation, derision from the FML community, and Every1luvsboners' fist up your ass.

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Dear every1luvsboners, I love you. There, I said it. Sincerely yours, jinxthejinx

dear jinx, your tAtoo sucks. thanks.

So you're a 19-year old who was irresponsible enough to get knocked up, and you're complaining? Did you think someone would hand you success on a silver platter? Sorry princess, life doesn't work that way. You want to be successful? Work for it.

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Exactly. Just because everyone thinks you're going to go far in life, doesn't mean you actually are just by doing nothing and believing what they say will become reality. Get yourself together and actually work at something. Also, it's not even that hard being an honor student.

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Babies are expensive. Birth control is cheap to free. How so many girls manage to be such big idiots is beyond me

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um so either I'm missing out on something or everyone who replied to this are a bunch of idiots. 1.where does it say she's knocked up? 2.where does it say she's fresh out of high school? 3.for all you know this is just boredom banter good job at being trolled.

#111: Perhaps you should read the FML before you make an ass out of yourself. 1. "...unemployed SINGLE mother", implying she already had a child or may even have one on the way. 2. If she was a college graduate she wouldn't have been dumb enough to get knocked up before putting her degree to use. 3. That is a serious claim right there, are you accusing the moderators of being so lazy to not even give a second thought to the validity of this FML? I would watch your back your back from now on, they're on to you. Also, get a face.

@39: STFU you ignorant ass. We all know you are brilliant. The fact remains that only 68.8% of students graduated high school in 2007. Any many cities it is below 50%. Of those that do graduate, a far less percentage go on to college... and fewer still will graduate with a 2/4 year degree. Fortunately for society, we have blue-blood, self-aggrandizing assholes like you who will make a lot of money... and pay 50% of your salary in taxes to support the OPs of this Country until both they and you die. Suck on that for a while.

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birth control isn't infallible... OP, use this time at your parents to try and get on your feet and build a good life for your child and yourself.

Mad? Of course not. I don't suffer little stuck up twits like this rock star.

no. 58 lmao girl put a bag over ur face u look bear up .... rlly

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Amen to that. she must not be looking very hard if she's on FML.

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I assumed she was talking about college not high school...

And where is the so called father? It's funny how majority of you saying it's her fault, are guys 🙄

um if you were so smart where's the dad? not mentioned in the fml so yeah

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Maybe the dad was just fine until he found out he was pregnant. Can't blame her for someone else's selfishness. Second of all, this isn't all that bad compared to the millions of unemployed living-at-home twentysomethings in this economy. I live with my fiancé and we both work and are barely making it. It's not that easy.

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"Maybe the dad was just fine until he found out he was pregnant." I know I'd be pretty worried if I found out I was pregnant.

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Life's golden when you're in high school. Welcome to the real world.

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yea seriously huh? no worries and here we go -__-

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You were an honor student and couldn't read the instructions on a condom? or birth control pills?

Well there seems to be one area you didn't get educated in.

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[assuming we're talking about college] - We can all run around pretending people in their early 20s don't have sex, OR, we can grow up and realize that even with a condom, birth control pills, extra spermicidal lubricant and pulling out during anal sex all rolled into one fun-filled night it's still possible to get pregnant, we don't know the situation behind being a single-mother. I'm assuming her situation isn't "as severe" but I know a girl I went to school with who was date-raped, ended up getting pregnant and chose to keep the child because she didn't believe in abortion [and we can argue that case but frankly, it's her right to make that decision].

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AMEN!! I never understood why people always judge their peers who are pregnant when they are sexually active themselves. Hello? It could happen to anyone! Unless you're a virgin! It's stupid!

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22- she never said she even attempted going to college...? so not sure where you got that assumption

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Thank you 22 for actually defending this woman. For the record I do not have any children (picture is of my nephew, my anti drug) so this isn't a rant from someone who's been personally offended I would just like to point something out. The only difference between the OP and other sexually active women is that she's living with her consequences. If you can't honestly say that you practice the only guaranteed form of birth control (abstinence) then you have lost all rights to throw stones. You could easily be in her shoes. Just because you didn't end up pregnant doesn't mean that your better than her, simply just means your much less fertile. (please don't take that last part seriously I'm just making a general point, I'm sure your plenty fertile)

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46 The FML didn't specify. So 22 assumed college. He's evidently a "glass half full" type of individual, not a "judge others and stand on a soap box" type of person. Be a little hopeful girly ;)

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Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

@Amberita28 Why on earth would you believe a virgin has more right to judge someone that is pregnant than someone who is not a virgin? That makes utterly no sense whatsoever. First of all there should be no "judgement" but, sadly, this is the real world and of course we'll damn well judge. Seriously, why the hell would I ever listen to someone who has never had sex condemn or condone my sexual behaviour and the consequences of it? Its like visiting WebMD instead of seeing an actual doctor. Your logic fails - "only the chaste have the right to judge the non-chaste" goes against all knowledge that you cannot judge a situation unless you have been in it. (The fact that we will judge anyway is irrelevant). And yes, of course you can still get pregnant with several forms of contraception on the go but she chose to keep the child, that's HER choice, and she's here whining about the pretty little high school life she's lost. You chose a new life, you chose to keep that child, stop bemoaning your past and face the responsibility you chose to take on. You chose a new life. You chose a different life. Deal with it.

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adoption is always an option.

Adoption is not always affordable. If you don't know every aspect of her living situations and life, don't get on your soapbox about how it's all her fault, and she 'chose' to keep the child. She's unemployed, and neither termination or adoption are particularly affordable options.

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@85 her argument isn't that virgins can judge non-virgins it's that people are coming on here telling other people that they're dirty little ***** and ****** when they either A) Did the same thing at that age [had sex] or B) Are at that same age doing the same thing. With the only difference being that she was the one that "got caught". And frankly keep in mind the FML doesn't specify college or High School - I'm inclined to think college just because when you say "still living with your mother" you don't think of 18-19 year olds, as most in that age group do still live with their parents anyway with no shame [regardless of if you did at 18-19 most do].