By Anonymous - 8/4/2021 23:30 - United Kingdom

Business is business

Today, my lawyer lied to me about how much of a settlement she won for my workplace accident. I got £20,000, but she lied and kept £55,000 for herself. My lawyer is my wife, and she claims she’s entitled to that money since she’s the one who’s really suffered caring for me during my recovery. FML
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By  mando  |  9

Damn... yes, I'm sure she did have to help you during your recovery...but that doesn't excuse lying. so now the question is....what are you going to do about it?

By  Brightside86  |  23

Wow, I don't think I could trust someone like that. Seems weird that she thought she could keep the official settlement number from you, as if you would never see any actual documentation...


Exactly if she's a real lawyer report her to the Bar association.
If she did this to you I wonder if she did it to others.
Oh and find the person who can't stand her at her firm and hire that person as your divorce lawyer

By  Zebediabolical  |  39

You've got a choice to make. Do you file the ethics complaint and lawsuits which will cost her her job, her freedom and your marraige or do you let it slide.

I'd be leaning towards A, personally.

By  Chazzster  |  20

The real question is divorce or not? It’s not the amount of money she illegally kept but the dishonesty! Are you now so dependent on her care that you have to let dishonesty go or would you be better off divorced? Only OP knows the answer.

In the USA it’s pretty common for lawyers to take on a case where they take 1/3 of the proceeds if the lawsuit is successful or nothing if the lawsuit is not successful. But they tell you that up front and your shyster of a lawyer took more than 1/3! If she had a legitimate case for charging for your care it would have been in the lawsuit.

Unless I was on my deathbed I would make charges against this illegal and dishonest act as your attorney and also file for divorce. But then personally I hate lies and dishonesty...

By  ropoa  |  9

Uh she needs to go. File charges and for a divorce at the same time. If she can lie about something so big, then what else during the marriage has she lied about?

By  Tammy Gabb  |  3

Please report her. She is the reason lawyers get bad reps