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By Off_Road - 04/06/2014 19:30 - United States - North Pole

Today, while on the highway, a guy in a truck sped up to pass me. He was hauling a trailer, which hit me and ran me off the road. I called the cops and followed him all the way into town, where the cops pulled him over. They let him go without even a ticket, because, "He didn't know he hit you." FML
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rocker_chick23 27

A sane police officer would give him a ticket anyways for reckless driving.

Filthy pigs. I didn't know I was speeding but I get a ticket


incoherentrmblr 21

Pennywise - F**k Authority...

Filthy pigs. I didn't know I was speeding but I get a ticket

Cops are worthless

Tell me that when someone is about to murder you and an undercover cop just happens to be there. It's like the "bad teenager" thing. The bad ones get all of the publicity. Not all cops are bad, in fact most aren't.

SquareTires 7

@39 Definitely worthless, besides keeping the general peace I'm not sure what they're there for. You should get #yesallcops trending on Twitter if you think like that

39, & 47, I hate when people bash cops. Ok, so they give us speeding tickets, a) you were the one choosing to break the law, so accept the consequences of it, b) they are out their fighting to keep our streets clean every single day and they are getting crap for it and minimal pay, c) I'm sure you wouldn't mind them showing up if you're life was threatened, and d) have some respect! All people deserve to be treated right, you would freak out if people treated you the way cops are treated, so why is it ok for you to treat them that way? I think it sounds so immature when people bash cops. Just have some respect guys.

The internet? A place for respect? Preposterous!!

I agree. A good family friend of mine is an officer. Most speeders get let off with a warning, and he isn't a bad person. People just assume that all cops are bad because of only a few.

I doubt that happens much outside of the movies...

SquareTires 7

@54 I was trying to be sarcastic and make a comparison between people who make generalizations about large groups of people. It just wasn't very funny or well done... Anyway, 39 is a jackass. I personally feel honored that people are willing to put their lives on the line to make mine and others' safer. Kudos to you for not putting up with shit about law enforcement

82, Glad to hear it. I'm afraid I missed the sarcasm in your comment, but I'm happy to hear you think highly of the police as well. I just find there are so many people who are so negative about cops just because they give speeding tickets. If you choose to break the law by speeding you should be able to accept the consequences in my opinion. People should also realize they do so much more than just hand out tickets.

Cops aren't filthy pigs. My dad is a cop and he only gives speeding tickets if they were way over the limit or if he pulls them over to give a warning and the person he pulls over is an ass. I think you're just an ass.

#54, who cares? A cop is a cop. OP is clearly a trained stalker, he/she/it (couldn't be assed to check) should be arrested instead.

Some cops don't care if it's not their problem! Sorry OP I hope you and your car are alright!

Yeah it sounds like they were being lazy and it was easy to ignore him

Well, what do you expect? The doughnuts aren't going to eat themselves. These cops couldn't afford to waste any time doing something as trivial as quality police work.

Thy sarcasm is strong in this one.

rocker_chick23 27

A sane police officer would give him a ticket anyways for reckless driving.

Agreed. I hope OP was at least given an incident report for insurance purposes.

Don't forget, the cops didn't witness it. They can't write a ticket for speeding as they have no evidence. If you wanted a ticket written, you'd have to swear out a complaint yourself and go to court to fight it. The only thing you can now do is sue for damages. Good luck.

51, I thought there was most likely another reason they didn't give the ticket and this explains it.

Goblin182 26

#51, they didn't have to write a ticket for speeding. The FML said nothing about speeding. But when you pull in front car so close that you hit them it's failure to yield right of way. That's what he should have been ticketed for.

73, I think 51 mentioned speeding as an example. And I wonder if he couldn't give them a ticket because there were no witnesses, no marks on the vehicle, and therefore no evidence?

#78 You are exactly right. Speeding was an example. If the cops saw it happening, they could have ticketed him for speeding, dangerous driving and leaving the scene of an accident. I still think he should have gotten the last one, but some people can talk their way out of anything.

QueenofWheels 13

I wonder if he had any paint from OP's car on his trailer.

NeonSteps 14

The trucker should of been fine for reckless driving unable to pay attention to the road properly.

crisanba 18

Doesn't wasting tax dollars feel so good?

Agh that sucks I hope he didn't damage your car too badly.

Hope you're doing okay, OP. Don't worry, karma will always there to get him :)

Hope you're doing okay, OP. Don't worry, karma will be always there to get him :)* My "smartphone" got stuffed up.

Karma for accidentally hitting another car probably won't be that bad. FYL OP for being such a vindictive sook. it doesn't sound like you're hurt, I'm sure you got the other guy's contact details, and there's no doubt he hit you (unintentionally). Get your car fixed and get over it. The other guy probably feels pretty bad and maybe he didn't get a ticket because he wasn't being a jerk about the whole situation.

You sound like the other individual, #93...

93, Allow me to hit your car and run off and see how you feel about it.

The other guy was stopped by the Police.. My issue is that OP wants him to be punished for it when it was an accident. If the guy was denying it, it would be different. He obviously legitimately didn't know. He didn't take to the car with a baseball bat and then say "oh sorry, didn't realise I hit you"..

ks23 9

Judge Judy

those two words make a lot of difference

Nothing even for a hit and run?

It's pretty common to not notice it if something hits your trailer, especially if it's relatively heavy, cops understand this. Yes he should have waited longer to come over, however we don't know that OP didn't do something stupid like speed up.