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  nightbirdblue  |  27

#67 Ageism for younger people isn't really that rare of a thing. Some studies have been that prove middle aged people are the most likely to get hired even if older or younger potentials had the same amount of experience. There are stereotypes that younger people can't focus, communicate well, and are great at wasting time. There are stereotypes of older people that they are slower, not as intelligent, and more likely to make mistakes than those not in their elderly years. Also even when the amount of experience is the same, the older folks are still perceived over qualified while the younger are considered under qualified compared to middle aged applicants. In the case of the FML it is bullshit, of course.

By  crushcrusher  |  33

today's generation.

  kerstileann  |  26

Besides her being a hypocrite, kids have always done stupid stuff like this. Ever since alcohol was banned for kids they have found ways to complain about it. Its not just today.

  R2Y2  |  22

Honestly, I don't even think it's down to the whole generation thing. It's society's fault, everyone has a part to contribute and someone in the kid's life fucked up, if the kid is claiming ageism after being denied alcohol. The whole generation thing is just pushing blame to someone else.

By  BubbleGrunge  |  18

Did you ask for an ID, OP? I look young too and get carded often, but that doesn't mean I am underage. A simple look at my identification answers any question someone has.

  devildog562  |  33

This was my secondary thought as well, usually you just ask for ID. I'm not sure how things are in the UK , but I assume they work similar to the U.S. .... Stupid people shouldn't drink regardless.

  niallo  |  23

I'm 47 with graying hair. I don't look underage. Every now and again I get asked for ID. I don't get insulted or whine, I just produce ID. Something rang a bell in their head and they must act accordingly. If they don't, they are held responsible if you are too young or if something happens. The same goes if they think you've had too much to drink. It can cost them their bar/store.

  interesting33  |  36

Yeah in the UK you normally ask for ID and if they don't have it you don't serve them. In most places you are supposed to ask for ID if the person looks under 25. Just in case. I would imagine OP would have asked and she probably didn't have it because it is normally the first course of action.

  at0micmin3r  |  23

How do we know OP DIDN'T card them? There's only so much room on that little story. I say he carded the little brat, she was underage, he refused her and then she went off on a temper tantrum.

  rc89  |  9

in the uk all shops should adhere to the think 25 policy (some even do think 30) so if you look under 25 you ask for id if they cannot give you any you refuse the sale dont worry op i have had numerous complaints against me asking for id one even called me a stuck up little bitch cuz he had Id but his extremely young looking girlfriend didn't

By  doubleofuck  |  20

Ageism is a thing. Although it does refer to the discrimination based on age in a number of things; not serving alcohol to someone because they don't look old enough is not one of them. Better lose a customer that may or may not have had a fake I.d. than face a hefty to fine to the customer, server and business.