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Today, I spent an hour trying to sleep before work, but I couldn't because my two dogs wouldn't stop barking. Completely pissed off, I finally went and told the little fuck nuggets to shut the shit up. I was then immediately knocked unconscious by the burglar in my house. FML
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OP here. I just wanna clear things up. I work third shift and go to college full time, so yes, I do take naps every now and then before work (usually right after classes), and the two dogs I own are a Pomeranian and a chihuahua terroir, both of which are two very small breeds of dogs. So for those saying that dogs are meant for protection, yeah, not these. Pomeranians are very defensive of their territory, so no matter who or what my Pom sees or hears outside, she'll bark like crazy. The chihuahua usually does the same thing; they bark even when they hear me open the garage door. No, I never heard the intruder break in and yes, I have trained the dogs both to silence the barking but only on command. So since they were in a different room than me, I went and commanded them to silence, and yes I didn't think there was a burglar in the house because like I said earlier, these dogs bark at EVERYTHING. Being distracted by the dogs, I did get KO'd but it wasn't for too long. I woke up only minutes after, called police and managed to catch the thief, so it's all good now. I hope this clears things up and that y'all have a fantastic day!


Op, it's robbery if you were in the house and there. It's burglary if you weren't at home. Robbery is a felony.

Actually @71 you have it wrong. Theft: when a person unlawfully takes and carries away another person's property without consent with the intent to permanently deprive the owner. Robbery: Essentially theft accomplished through the use of physical force or fear (ie if someone steals your purse after setting it down on a table it is theft. if they steal the same purse in a threatening way or by violently snatching it away it would be robbery.) Burglary: Though most often equated with theft, didn't actually require that a theft occur or even be intended. Burglary is simply the unlawful entry into a structure, such as a home or business, with the intent to commit a crime inside. Although many burglaries involve theft, the crime intended can be any crime from theft, to murder. A person can be charged with burglary regardless of whether or not the intended crime was committed. Additionally, the unlawful entry into a structure doesn't need to be accomplished by breaking and entering, although that is usually the case, it can be as simple as entry merely must be unlawful (ie trespass through an unlocked door).

oh and one more thing @71 Normal robbery is usually a second degree felony in most states, but can be a first degree felony if the robber uses a dangerous weapon or attempts to kill anyone or inflicts or attempts to inflict serious bodily injury. Burglary is a crime defined as the unauthorized entry into a building or dwelling, with the intent to commit a crime within the premises. Depending on the jurisdiction as well as the circumstances, burglary may either be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.

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Probably better to listen to your dogs next time! FYL though

That's true. But sometimes that reason is really stupid, like there being a squirrel outside the window.

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You must not own a dog. All my dog ever does is bark.

I had a dog that I swear used to walk around and bark just to hear himself.

#27 Sounds like one of my dogs. In fact, he's doing now as I type this. He does it so much that now the other dog doesn't even respond lol.

Yeah, reasons like leaves, for fun, and because the mailman is driving by, again.

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Wow you guys are lucky. I can't remember the last time my dog actually barked for a reason.

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Wasnt there a Fml talking up a dog barking at 1am and the op was worried and checked and was like nope just a dog barking at 1 am

untrained dogs bark for any reason they see fit like getting back into the leaving room. trained dogs know not to bark for nonsense.

Not really lol. Most of the time ive heard about dogs barking because of either animals outside, because of leaves (aka the wind) or just because.

53 i have a husky. She doesnt bark she howls. Which can be worse. Ha. But she never howls at people, just other dogs or birds. Huskies are NOT good guard dogs, so to pp. its not just small dogs.

You should listen to your dogs next time

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Yah most dogs do alert their owners if somethings wrong. When my neighbors house blew up due to a propane fire my dog was barking like crazy before the fire department even showed up.

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man's best friend for a reason! be nice!!

Lock your doors and windows if you don't want to worry about burglars. At least that way you can hear them break in.

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They can STILL break in without being heard even with locked doors and windows.

You know many locked houses are broken into, right? Locking doors will deter some burglars, but not determined burglars.

Hook up some sort of high powered electrical current to all doors and windows that you can turn on and off with the push of a button. I think most burglars would be detered when they taze themselves.

also make sure to ice your stairs, and heat up all the door knobs.

Thats a good idea really, once he remembers to turn the trap off when he needs to use the door...

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Yeah, because we all live in the Home Alone movies... -_- In regards to the OP, I had a dog that wouldn't STFU once it was bedtime...nonstop barking for 4-6 hours a night! She was an outside dog, in a fenced yard, and where did she bark? At my bedroom window -_- EVERY NIGHT

Yeah tell that to my parents. They got broken into. Dead bolt and knob locked. He got in with a screw driver. A SCREW DRIVER. Its that easy. And windows are easy to break.

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Dogs bark over nothing sometimes, but man that sucks. I'm curious on how big your dogs are.