By hdmi - 14/06/2009 11:14 - Tanzania United Republic of

Today, my family and I were checking into Dubai airport. I had already checked in and was waiting with my brother and sister near a pillar for my parents. I leaned on the pillar and hit my elbow on the fire alarm. A bunch of airport officials ran towards me and asked where the fire was. FML
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you guys, there's a word limit... i couldn't say that at least 500 people looked at me as though i killed someone, plus the officials were all pakistani so i had to translate what happened...then my grandma started shoutin at me for being a fool and Dubai airport is toooooo big...

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You should have pointed a direction and see if they ran over to check.

I feel like this FML is missing something. Like, I got to the end then thought "Wait, it's over???"



yea im pretty sure u can get fined for setting off a fire alarm in no real emergency. plus, that's pretty embarassing...

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well you press a fire alarm ppl will ask where the fire is

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You should have pointed a direction and see if they ran over to check.

this isn't even bad, i know somoene who accidently pulled the fire alarm too... this is not an FML not at all .

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You deserved this, you should have looked before you leaned.

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Im from Dubai, nd I was at Airport that time near you only! That was funny!

Haha what ever it's not like your in legit trouble.

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Dude where are you from? I am Persian and proud of it. My uncle used to work in Dubai. Now he works in Malaysia

did you have to say you were proud? really

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Just a minor embarrassment, nothing bad. :/ At least you were in Dubai airport, AWESOME airport.

^^^ this is the truth. their crazy lighting setup makes high-end chandeliers look like candles in dark room!

I did the same thing in paris 2 years ago lol