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  DGross  |  8

Would have been even worse if you were fooling around and dropped an early bird special in you pants...only to have her dog start licking your crotch as her parents walked in. Still fyl though

By  malisa916  |  7

I normally don't criticize grammar on here, but this fml is horribly written. Anyways, OP, just tell them you pissed on yourself because of a cough "atack" that "shaked" your body. No need to lie or be embarassed. Shit happens.

  psychochick29  |  0

Hey genius, just because someone has listed Mexico as their location it does not necessarily mean that:
1) they are *actually* in Mexico (I know, it's shocking to me too that someone on the Internet would *lie*!! Sacrilege!!!)
2) that they were born and/or RAISED in Mexico
3) that English is a second language. I mean, yes it IS more likely that if OP was born and raised in Mexico that their native tongue is Spanish, but let's not make assumptions. That's just stupid.

That, and you know what they say when someone assumes something; It makes an "@ss out of u n me". But mostly just you.

  VertigoSD  |  0

Why do you people care? This is my fourth year working on my school's yearbook, and I'm a writing center tutor; I don't criticize for grammar because it's the Internet.