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Yikes guys! ... in reply to some of you.. A proposal I was expecting cause we've been together for oh well.. just 2 and a half little years and he had only mentioned it like 250 times in the past 5 months.. so yes, I was expecting it at any moment! The ring was indeed beautiful - not a family heirloom - and it was expensive.. I actually would have preferred a plastic ring that girls use to play barbie as long as it was OURS and not.. recycled.. But in the end, taking it to a jewelers and having it turned into a charm for a necklace wasn't that bad.. No we aren't together, and of course, he hid his relationship with this.. ex.. very very well for two whole years .. funny part ? she was engaged living with someone else as well! Oh well, one moves on :)
By silverlocket - / Saturday 5 December 2009 20:21 / Dominican Republic
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wow, really??? Is everyone buying this shit??? Has nobody reading this FML watched two lovers? Pretty much the exact same thing happened in this movie!!! Some people are just so pathetic that they have to make up bullshit FMLs