By angie429 - 27/11/2011 23:45 - United States

Today, I took my boyfriend to my family's traditional late Thanksgiving dinner. While eating, my mom brought up celebrity infidelity. My grandpa ended up looking me in the eye and saying, "Look Angie, sometimes what a man has just isn't enough. When that happens, cheating is forgiveable." FML
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FYLDeep 25

Fuck cheaters. They don't deserve a relationship. How can what they have not be enough when they deserve nothing?

enonymous 8

Solid logic. Respect your elders they know best


Wow. That's just fine and dandy...

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Muslimgal - No, it doesn't. The order of highest divorce rates in the world goes like this: Gibraltar Aruba Russia Isle of Man Moldova Puerto Rico Ukraine And THEN the US. However, none of this measures the QUALITY of the marriage. Would you rather women be trapped in loveless, abusive relationships like in some countries that outlaw divorce or otherwise make it virtually impossible?

jwade11 12

There is no justification for cheating. Just leave the person. Then you're free to do whatever u want!

*OP's boyfriend puts on shades and looks OPs grandpa in the eye* "Challenge Accepted"

I hear people complain about the divorce rate like it's a bad thing, and perhaps it's just the books I read, but I'm starting to wonder... is it actually a bad thing that people divorce? When marriage first became an institution, it had a different purpose, and the average lifespan of either partner was far shorter. It was a support system for necessities (food, shelter, social status) and a good environment for rearing children, as well as joining two family lines together to prevent or halt feuding. Thus, to divorce then would have been a disastrous thing. But now? Now we're expected to live past fifty as a matter of course, sometimes even to a hundred. Couples no longer necessarily marry to have children, although couples who want children find it easier if they are married. Women are independent from men in regards to their survival, access to necessities, and social standing. We no longer have family feuds where two people getting married can ends a generations-long bloodshed, because our governments will more likely put a stop to that faster than a marriage. Additionally, marriages are no longer arranged in popularity. And look at how globally connected our diverse world has become. People meet different people all the time. The odds of finding someone new, of igniting something, is far more likely. And it's just a fact that people fall in and out of love. My parents certainly did. I think that if society stopped acting as though divorce were a bad thing, there would be less heartbreak and stigma around it. My parents fell out of love after twenty-three years of marriage-- they still loved each other, they just were not IN love... and separated on peaceful terms. And then my mom met my stepdad, who has a family that is almost parallel to ours, so now I've got some step-siblings and what amounts to two fathers who I both love and trust. Clearly, my parents' separation and pending divorce is not the end of the world-- not even a bad thing-- and that's because they chose to separate before it could get to the screaming and shouting and fighting and childish smearing. Because in this day and age, there's no reason why a divorce should be a bad thing. The average human isn't made to spend their entire life with just one partner, especially since people change after two or three decades... and their partner is not necessarily required for their survival or the care of offspring. My dad isn't the same person my mom married over twenty years ago, and vice-versa. It doesn't make them bad people; it's just that it's human nature. =/ I realize I've practically written out an essay on this, but when the muse strikes...

76- Cool story bro. You had that coming.

I had a similar experience to you, monster_tamer, and think of divorce in the same way. If two people have fallen out of love, it makes more sense for them to separate than it does for them to pretend everything's fine and either suffer internally or constantly argue. My parents split when I was 5, and they've always had a good relationship with each other. Even 20+ years after the fact, they sometimes have each other over for a visit. They're both great people, they just weren't great for each other.

enonymous 8

Solid logic. Respect your elders they know best

Only on certain subjects.. I guess times have changed!


Your gramps a champ.

Reminds me of my dad.

8- oh so that explains a lot.

Haha, oh grandparents.

ninjuh_wingman 29

That sounds legit

it sounds too legit to quit

sammywhits 0

Sounds like your gramps knows something...

sammywhits 0

Sounds like your gramps knows something...

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Thats not true! Cheating is very hard 2 forgive someone for!

#10- you're right, it's hard to go through it and forgive the person that did it. I think grandpa is losing his marbles. Cheating on someone is wrong and sometimes never forgivable.

Pssst - none of us are serious

bizarre_ftw 21

Psst - I lost my duck, his name is pork chop, if you find him I live above a Chinese restaurant that just lost its poultry supplier. Please return him, he keeps the clowns away

bizarre_ftw 21

Psst - I lost my duck, his name is pork chop, if you find him I live above a Chinese restaurant that just lost it's poultry supplier. Please return him, he keeps the clowns away

Not the least bit funny.

Ahem. Angie. I'm open Saturday.

She's mine on Sunday though. Begone you mooching buzzards!