By ouch - United States - Fullerton
Today, I was with a friend at the mall and I made eye contact and smiled at the worker at a smoothie stand that I went on a date with last year. He saw me, and then ducked down behind the register, where he remained while his coworker awkwardly leaned over him to take my order and money. FML
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  Sparks808  |  10

#1, your mom read your diary and your plot has been discovered! Give it up!
As for the FML, that sucks. The guy is a coward. 'Accidentally' dropping your smoothie on him sounds like a capital idea.

  Conner93MB  |  5

I like how it's instantly the guys fault. It isn't possible she was a terrible date or anything. NO PFFFFT HAHA HOW COULD I POSSIBLY THINK THAT?! Oh. Maybe because I'm not a sexist fuck.

  alycion  |  38

Even if she was a terrible date, he's working. Sick it up and do your job or go in a back room. No need to be a five year old about not liking someone.