By ouch - / Saturday 28 April 2012 06:54 / United States - Fullerton
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  Sparks808  |  10

#1, your mom read your diary and your plot has been discovered! Give it up!
As for the FML, that sucks. The guy is a coward. 'Accidentally' dropping your smoothie on him sounds like a capital idea.

  Conner93MB  |  5

I like how it's instantly the guys fault. It isn't possible she was a terrible date or anything. NO PFFFFT HAHA HOW COULD I POSSIBLY THINK THAT?! Oh. Maybe because I'm not a sexist fuck.

  alycion  |  31

Even if she was a terrible date, he's working. Sick it up and do your job or go in a back room. No need to be a five year old about not liking someone.

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