By ouch - 28/04/2012 06:54 - United States - Fullerton

Today, I was with a friend at the mall and I made eye contact and smiled at the worker at a smoothie stand that I went on a date with last year. He saw me, and then ducked down behind the register, where he remained while his coworker awkwardly leaned over him to take my order and money. FML
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I'll have a wingman and a large fry.

Make it more awkward and have a conversation with him while he's down there.


xIBleedPurplex16 0

Lol lameee

icrest80 4

He's a pussy

he definitely had fun.

kiran_fml 5

You should've called him out on it

Jakesterk96 8

OP should've "accidentally" dropped the smoothie on the coward when the coworker handed it to her.

Trisha_aus 15

I thumbed you down just for your pic..m sorry

Jakesterk96 8

I'm sorry you're going to see the Knicks lose today.

I thumbed u up cuz of ur pic!!! :) im from miami!!! :D go heat!!

I thumbed all three of you down because you're talking about basketball instead of the FML. This isn't

1, I have to comment regarding your profile. Justin Bieber did not grow up in poverty. I don't know what crazy shit you're smoking, but I want some.

Sparks808 10

#1, your mom read your diary and your plot has been discovered! Give it up! As for the FML, that sucks. The guy is a coward. 'Accidentally' dropping your smoothie on him sounds like a capital idea.

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Said the one with a Justin bieber profile picture...

congele 6

Have any one-night stands lately? XD

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I don't think "last year" would be lately.

xoconnie 8

what the heck happened on that date?!?!

I'll have a wingman and a large fry.

I'm sure it went smoothly :)

laurenobrien 4

You don't need them! Don't worry you can def do better then that jerk

I like how it's instantly the guys fault. It isn't possible she was a terrible date or anything. NO PFFFFT HAHA HOW COULD I POSSIBLY THINK THAT?! Oh. Maybe because I'm not a sexist ****.

Even if she was a terrible date, he's working. Sick it up and do your job or go in a back room. No need to be a five year old about not liking someone.

And who cares if she was a terrible date? It was last year, this guy completely and utterly overreacted. OP sounded cool about it.

safe to assume the date didn't go well?

skyorpia101 4


haha was your date THAT bad?

Lol apparently. xD I've never been so crazy or horrible to someone they felt like hiding from me... unless... UNLESS! They hide and I don't notice. :O

flashback.miss 28

That's just hilariously pitiful.

Ummmmm... WTF is your profile pic. It scares me.

It appears to be a jeweled penis, which isn't as grand as it sounds.

I take it the date wasn't great? I could imagine him ******* up in some way. Or maybe you screwed it up OP?

Make it more awkward and have a conversation with him while he's down there.

I would like a order of large fries covered in awk sauce.