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  enchi999  |  8

20 - really? I'm a bit overweight but I'm not going to say I'm ashamed of it or proud. I'm content with myself and I even have popular friends. No one cares about your weight it's your personality here. If OPs content with herself then good for them. They should not have to be sad all the time being ashamed of themself.

  lizzybug  |  5

20- where in the fml did it say op was on the chubby side. Thin people can feel bad about their weight too. I hated being thin growing up people would assume I didnt eat, some even asked if I was anorexic but I love food & i now accept my body & I'm glad I don't gain wait so easily lol

  qazaq  |  1

(Assuming op is obese) Some one has to talk to her/him about it. It's cool to have interventions with drug alcohol or similar addictions, don't see how an overheating addiction is different and off limits. And who better to start the conversation than a physiatrist.


I don't think that the psychiatrist meant it that way. I'm sure that when he asked why not he wanted op to say that he/she is fine with their body and that they are not insecure. I'm sure the psychiatrist didnt mean that you should feel insecure about your body, op.

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

Right, who gives a crap if others are worried about your weight and want to help you be healthy! The psych wants to address the issue, and while that was a straight up shot, it will get the job done. Stop being ignorant. No, you shouldn't feel comfortable at certain weights because then you think everything's ok when all of a sudden different health issues appear and you freak.
This might exclude people who are genetically bigger, but it doesn't mean they can just say f*ck it, I'm fine, when they really aren't. At a younger age you feel fine and don't worry about much, but you will feel it when you are past the middle mark. Young and stupid, as is usually the case.


Difference between overweight and obese. But the long-term side effects of being overweight take a toll on the body--blood pressure, joint problems, heart conditions, vitamin deficiencies...but don't trust me, I'm just a certified personal trainer.

  BeachBoi_Alex  |  7

So you'd rather the guy she paid should lie to her and tell its fine? :l Being fat is a problem, and if you dont sort it out then you're the one who's screwing yourself, and you have nobody else to blame. Get to the gym.

  alycion  |  38

I had a couple of bad shrinks. One was like that Snl skit, Stuart smalley or whatever his name was. He was so judgemental. I have had some real good ones too that gave me the tools I needed to work with things. I will say though, the monk I work with is the best. A lot of modern psychology borrows principals from buddhism, so it's no wonder bhante has offered the best guidance. And without judging. Oh and it's free ;)

  ebonyirony  |  29

I wanted to edit that^^ to something less related. Please bury it.
This is what I wanted:
Everyone is built differently and everyone feels differently.
I've always been very thin(without trying) but despite getting shit for it, I love my body.

  Sketchisan  |  27

Yeah, except some people want you to feel bad about even being ten-twenty pounds overweight. Not fat, but not rail thin. Unless we know how big or small OP is, we can't judge if the psychiatrist had a point or if they're just being a judgmental asshat.

  DKjazz  |  20

Hey. That's not very nice. You're the second person on this FML to say that. Do you not like his profile pic? His sense of humor? Even on FML, that's just uncalled for.