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By fuck you, boss - 21/12/2013 00:30 - United States

Today, my boss scolded me for being too friendly to our customers and told me to back off and let them do their thing. Less than an hour after doing as he said, he scolded me again, this time for slacking off and not asking them if they needed help finding stuff. There goes my bonus. FML
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Rule #1) The customer is always right. Rule #2) The boss is always wrong.

You know what they say... The higher the position, the lower the IQ


No such thing as a happy medium, eh?

A happy medium? A boss is like a baby's diaper. Usually full of shit and always on your ass.

ThatNutellaTho 6

I So Enjoyed That ^^

JMichael 25

Not if you're working in retail..

You know what they say... The higher the position, the lower the IQ

Suck his dick?

Rule #1) The customer is always right. Rule #2) The boss is always wrong.

The customer is not always right! Sometimes they are most definitely wrong...however bosses are a pain because they ask you to do one thing and then they aren't satisfied and ask you to do something else.

And you just broke it. GTFO

thejimler 9

"The customer is always right" has to be the most stupid and damaging catchphrase to ever be introduced. It allows customers to become entitled fuckwads who think they can get away with anything (vulgar language, abusing employees, deliberately ignoring store policies, etc) and bosses to shift blame to employees when said customer complains. "The customer is your priority" is more accurate since the goal is to accommodate their needs in order to guarantee a transaction, but there needs to be a point where you can say "You know what? It is not worth our time dealing with you, your constant scamming of our returns policy is damaging our income, and your rude behavior makes other customers uncomfortable and go elsewhere. Piss off!". Then again if someone like Walmart implemented this policy they wouldn't have any customers left.

thejimler - Thank you for using my simple joke as a launching pad for your rant.

Thejimler sounds like they work in retail and it's Xmas, the maddest time of the year. My sympathies thejimler, I understand your pain.

Doc, the first rule doesnt apply to you does it? "Patient: Im fine doc..."

Next he'll tell you to get him a black coffee with extra cream.

That's when you give him decaf for two weeks, and switch it back to regular for another two, and then back again.

24-- that is just pure evil.

*rubs hands* Good....good

No....adding laxatives in week 2 would be evil.

And just for some variety, use off milk mixed with ok milk, put 2 fingers in your armpit, rub them around and then wipe the rim of your bosses cup with said fingers. Or, you could just fart in the cup before/after you have made the coffee.

You just can't win with some people

But you can always lose.

That's the spirit, #17.

You're boss sounds wonderfully crazy. You're a lucky guy.

As a crazy person, I am insulted. Speaking on behalf of my fellow loons, we are not dickless brown nosing asshole megalomaniacs who enjoy ******* with people's minds. Definitely a main requirement for management in retail though.

Well, you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't. Sorry OP, perchance it's time to begin the search for a new job?

Sounds like your boss may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Hopefully you find a better one, OP.

Don't you just love bipolar bosses?