By bridezilla - Canada
Today, I was on a train when an old man standing next to me very obviously checked me out, caught my eye, and winked. He spent the next five minutes rubbing his penis against my leg. When I turned to tell him off, the train lurched, and the old man fell face first into my breasts. FML
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  elliebutton  |  0

Maybe it wasn't 5 minutes continuously. Maybe he briefly rubbed it every 30 seconds resulting in only only a few rubs. He may also have disguised it as going over a bump on the train or something and she then may have picked up on it.

  Apocalyptus  |  0

That's pretty horrible to say she deserved it for 'letting it happen' for 5 mins. That kind of thing can be pretty unexpected, intimidating and and upsetting - so I can understand why OP didn't do anything at first.

  thx1138_fml  |  0

Just to do nothing for it happening more than once. That is dumb and she could have stopped it, moved away, or screamed. But just standing there and taking it, she deserved whatever came...

  hunny_kat  |  0

OK Im getting kind of tired of these awkward train stories...5 minutes? Wtf? If he was going to pretend that the motion of the train was making him "accidentally" rub his dick on my leg, then I would have pretended that the motion of the train "accidentally" made me knee him in the balls. I wouldn't put up with that shit for one second.

  runwest07  |  0

I agree...too many train stories. Makes me think people are either too dumb to say something and move if they're uncomfortable or these train stories are just "copy cats."

  Vlakmir786  |  3

I'm not trying to victim blame.....Maybe there are more details...
If you thought he was doing anything like this to you - especially after a look of disgust after the gross wink and smile- then you shouldve kneed him in the balls or walked away or anything at all. I do hate the idea of victim shaming, but I hate the idea of people complaining about shit without trying to stop it more-so.

By  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

How could you possibly let him do that for five minutes???
If it was me, he'd probably have regretted the wink, and would never have gotten to the rubbing part. If he was insane enough to try going for it anyway, he'd have found it a VERY bad idea, via pepper spray to the face or a swift kick to the groin, whichever turned out faster.

You're not supposed to let perverts walk all over you. Have some self respect. If you don't have the physical strength to kick his butt yourself, use pepper spray or other stuff at least.

  jnic  |  0

Ugh THIS. I hope what #16 said is true, but still.
I would never say she deserved to have it happen to her in the FIRST place, but she is dumb as fuck and has absolutely no self-respect or bravery whatsoever to let some small, dirty old coward just rub all over her for so long.


I can agree with most of the above post, but not getting away with a wink? Pepper spraying somebody for winking at you is a bit harsh, you could simply shake your head or express your distaste at a wink. Now, if he touches you, then I would give him a warning, ask him to stop. His penis? That's a reason to pepper spray him, or sack him.