By Violated - 09/12/2009 08:47 - United States

Today, I fell asleep on the train and accidentally wound up resting my head on a strange man's shoulder. When I woke up, I discovered that not only did he not object, but he decided to return the favor by resting his hand on my thigh. I was wearing a skirt. FML
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I was that guy once.. it's easier to carry the weight of someone's head by putting your arm at less of an angle to the person's head. At first I put out my elbow a bit, to kinda' hold their head better, but my arm got sore. I figured that it was kinda' neat of me to do it, so I kept going, despite it being sore, and decided to put my hand on her leg because the angle of my arm was easier to hold that way. I never thought of what her reaction might be to that, but I avoided it entirely because once THAT got sore, I put my hand on my own thigh and stayed like that until she happened to wake up. I dunno', I thought I was doing a nice thing for her.. she was obviously exhausted, and I didn't do anything inappropriate. If nothing else, my presence made her feel more comfortable, and I felt kinda' protective towards this sleeping stranger. Who knows, it might even have dissuaded someone else from stealling her purse or something while she slept. Or, she might have stayed awake and had a miserable trip of fighting to stay awake, or being unable to get comfortable while she napped. She was funny though.. she woke up wiping her lips on her hand, apologizing profusely and embarrassedly, in turn, I told her that if anyone asks her, "you snore louder than a passenger train, but I can't vouch for a freight train." I was kidding though, and let her off the hook. I got her phone number and then threw it out after she got off the train.

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You picked the wrong day to go commando! Did his hand smell familiar?


Watch where you lie your head on the train and you wouldn't have that problem. You KNOW how comfortable you have to be with a guy to lay your head on his shoulder, so YDI for not having a coffee and being aware of what you do with your body.

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Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me...

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You picked the wrong day to go commando! Did his hand smell familiar?

Ewwwwww LMAO!! My 1st BF use to smell his fingers across the room, in public!! LOL!!! It was nasty, but I have to admit it turned me on! :D LOL. OP, that's what you get! Give an inch and they take a mile! Hope he was at least appealing to you :|

Are you sexy? Just wondering if he had taste or didn't give a F...!

ew ew ew ew ew next time dont just keep your head upright when you fall asleep, its def gonna fall over to one side or another try to get a window seat and lean your head on the window next time then again, you never know what kind of frreaks youll be next to, so just have some coffee and try to stay awake and dont wear skirts on the train next timee

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What the hell were you doing wearing a short skirt in MA in freakin' December?! I call fake

Nah, like half the girls in my school wonder around in tiny little skirts all year. I sometimes wonder if their asses have ever caught frostbite. xx