By organizse - 20/06/2015 14:03 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I went to a job interview, and my father in law's house. As soon as I got home I went to the bathroom and noticed my bloody pantyliner had fallen out at one of these places. I don't know which one is worse. FML
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If it fell out at the interview, it could have been any of the other women at the workplace, and I'm sure your father-in-law would understand anyway.

Neither one will ever mention it so pretend it never happened!


Neither one will ever mention it so pretend it never happened!

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Also, what if the father-in-law has no idea what it is? There are some men that are 99% clueless to female functions and products. My point still stands in a business environment as well.

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I'd like to hope a man old enough to have a fully grown son would know that women have periods and use pads/tampons. :/

@28 If you get to be either a father or someone old/educated enough to conduct a business interview and you don't know what menstruation is, that is through no fault of your own. Not experiencing it yourself is no excuse for ignorance at such an age. That's just willful ignorance.

If it fell out at the interview, it could have been any of the other women at the workplace, and I'm sure your father-in-law would understand anyway.

Also adding: if OPs father in law lives with OPs husbands mother, it could be hers too.

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my boyfriends mother just hit 50, she still hasn't hit menopause. so not necessarily since we are old enough to be married.

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@33: You'd be surprised by how many middle aged women are still having their period. I work with a woman in her 50s still going through her cycle and another coworker just retired still going through hers. Not every woman hits a certain age and goes through menopause.

Maybe it fell out in between and not AT those places.

3- I like your optimism, but I don't think it's very likely that it'd fall out in the car.

@4. Thank you. But maybe walking through the parking lot to the car? Or to each of the doors? I don't know. There's a chance though.

SmittyJA24 26

You've got to keep track of those ... things.

RIGHT!! Thank you, how does that happen. . fall out???

That's one of the worst dreads possible for a girl.. if you get a liner that sticks well like Kotex, it should hold you for a while! Sorry OP!

The other important thing: when using a liner, make sure to wear 100% cotton undies. The adhesive doesn't really work on synthetic, microfiber, lace or silk.

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that's why when I wear liners... I go with the ones with wings.

How do you not feel a bloody pantyliner falling out?

rockyhorrorQT 12

My thoughts exactly. Secondly, what are you doing that could cause it to fall out?

I'm trying to understand how it fell out in the first place, don't they have one side that's sticky and stays in place?

I was about to say that EXACT thing!

Some women don't like tampons. Personally I only use them as an absolute last resort and really would rather avoid them altogether - maybe OP is the same?

I'd imagine so. Still, this wouldn't have happened with a tampon.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

not sure why you ladies are getting thumbed down for a tampon. they are much cleaner too.

Op was wearing a panty liner, which has much less absorbency than a pad or tampon, which probably means her flow was quite light. Have any of you tried to take out a tampon when it's not full? Not pleasant.

I use panty liners while I use tampons because if my flow is heavy, I leak. So.

I do the same, 53. Isn't that what they're for?

truckers_wife 23

they're for lots of things. discharge, accidentally peeing a little while pregnant, wanting to stay fresh before a night of fun, etc

How do u not notice that type of thing?

Tampons, honey. They're the best thing since sliced bread. Although, not as good on a sandwich, I'm afraid.

Maybe OP had been using tampons, but used the panty liner as backup? I do it all the time because my periods can get really heavy.

I'm aware of these things. I don't know why people take everything so seriously on this site.

Not as good as menstrual cups though. They are even better than sliced bread.

If or when your flow is THAT heavy, you'd go with a pad, most definitely not a panty liner as backup on those days.

Personally, I never use pads for almost this reason. Rather than sneak out of my panties, they try to sneak up my butt crack. Also not pleasant. I'd rather use a light tampon or just wash the little spots out of my underwear later.