By megs2129 - 16/9/2009 21:28 - United States
Today, I had to drink the most vile and disgusting medicinal treatments I could ever imagine. Then I had to drink it again when I threw up the first batch. FML
megs2129 Say more :
It was an expreimental treatment for Endometriosis. And it wasn't only the taste that was bad, it was how it made me feel. There were multiple portions of it, and some sizzled as they went down and stuff like that. The one that made me throw up made me feel like time stopped. I can't explain it, but it was like nothing was right. And it tasted horrible
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By  Pandasaur  |  0

Aww, this totally isn't a YDI! I know how you feel. I was in the hospital once and they gave me this awful stuff that they tried to sweeten with orange flavor. I threw it up after fifteen minutes of trying to chug it down.

When you're sick and you have to force down something so bad that it'll come up again and make you feel worse, it sucks. FYL.

  medfly  |  2

the OP did get over it, and consumed the entire thing, but threw it up.
I don't think it's her fault for throwing up - I haven't heard of people being able to prevent themselves from doing that.


might i suggest a tablet form? they almost always have one. personally, i prefer liquid even if i do throw it up (because if you're immediately throwing up, it means it didn't get all the way down and you just gagged.) which i might add has happened plenty of times, but i can't swallow tablets, so i have to chew them (which tastes absolutely disgusting). yeah...medicine don't quite agree with my body. and yeah, OP, i feel for you, i'm sick too and it kind of sucks.

just out of curiosity, how many other people on here are sick? it seems like everyone is getting sick.

  medfly  |  2

taste != smell.
taste is what you do with your tongue, smell is what you do with your nose.
I imagine the OP might have felt the flavour after swallowing it for a while, which made her throw up...

  mike1921  |  0


You could bring IVs home? I would have saved so much time if I knew that :(

Also, I absolutely can't stand drinking any kind of medicine, I'll take an IV that I have to hook up myself any day of the week.


it's probably for a colonoscopy or something, in which case you have to drink a gallon of a disgusting powder mix. You're supposed to drink 8 oz every 10 minutes.

This FML is probably not just a dumb complaint.

  mollyjynxjax  |  28

Not always 43. I had to do a barium swallow, and you HAVE to drink it. It is nasty and both liquid and semi-solid at the same time and its very easy to puke on so I'm wondering if that isn't what OP had done

  Meth0  |  0

You're not exactly a bright one, are you?

"Gee, doc... this here chemo makes me sick! Can't I just keep the cancer?"
"Sure, kiddo!"

I don't think that happens to often, eh?

  PoeticPixie  |  0

How was that selfish? The mother kidnapped her son because he did not want the chemo. He may not have been of legal age, but he was old enough to know the consequences and decide that he would rather not have the treatment. She did what her son wanted.

  greatnt249  |  0

He was a child; he can't make those kinds of decisions until he's an adult. And it was what his mom wanted; of course the kid isn't going to want to take meds that will make him sick.