By wtfman101 - United States
Today, I woke up to find the entire driver's side of my car wrecked. Front door, back door, front and rear bumper smashed to shit. A drunk driver had hit it the previous night and ran. Don't worry though, he stopped and left his insurance information. He keyed it into the undamaged side of my car. FML
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  depechemode  |  0

Aww indeed, poor old Bumblebee, mutilated and scarred by this experience...
But on another note, the fact that he keyed his information in your car doesn't really matter for you at all.
The fucker only has to pay more, since he damaged your car even more, I think his insurance/ he himself should cover the costs legally.

  catladymar  |  0

He could mean that it was hit on the driver side, so the whole thing crumpled into a big, wrecked U-shaped hunk of metal. That would effectively kill BOTH bumpers.

  StarCutie83  |  0

From the sounds of it, I think the OP paralleled parked their car. The drunk probably hit the front and may have pushed the car into the car in front or in back of the OP's car.

By  YeahYeahYeah4  |  0

At least it wasn't a hit and run and you don't have to pay out of your pocket to get it fixed. Some douchebag hit me in my own driveway and didn't leave a note. This is why I think cars should have cameras in them so you can catch these douchebags that bash your car and run.