By Anonymous - 30/05/2012 14:06 - Ireland - Cork

Today, I was on a rowing machine at the gym, listening to a podcast. Something funny was said, I laughed, lost my balance and fell off, with my feet still stuck in the footrests. Someone had to come and help me off. FML
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At least someone helped you. "I was stuck there for the rest of the day," would have been pretty terrible =P

Wheres the "you don't say?" meme when you need it? Haha


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I know it's mean, but had I been there I probably would of laughed.

Wheres the "you don't say?" meme when you need it? Haha

Don't worry about it! I'm a rower and I see people attempting to erg all the time at the gym. 99% of people do it wrong and I've seen people fall off countless times. Don't be embarrassed :)

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hey at least you were at the gym.. thats more than what a lot of people can say

Thats okay OP, when I start laughing uncontrollably I have no control over my body either.

At least someone helped you. "I was stuck there for the rest of the day," would have been pretty terrible =P

#2) That would suck if in case. Lol! XD

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I'm sure that they would leave him for the rest of the day. Considering its a gym with other people.

Well whatcha gonna do? Anyone get the old guy from americas got talent reference?

^^ Yes, but it had nothing to do with this conversation or situation... So please stop trolling on the top comments to get near the top.

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15- that's why proof reading is important. I think you meant 'they wouldn't* leave him'?

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watch out for those rowing machines. they're dangerous.

Not if you're careful and paying attention.

To those who row for sport, ergs (rowing machines) are more than just dangerous, they are a medieval torture device.

... When I read this, I instantly thought of Final Destination 3, when Lewis died.

36- K, troll. What do you just click on everyone's profile? Creep

36- K, troll. Do you just read everyone's profiles? Creep.

57- Relax it's not like anyone actually LIKES those movies.

... I just like the eerie thought that death cannot be escaped, and the lack of control in that matter. And the deaths. I like a good variety of ways to die in a movie. That's why I like 1000 ways to die. But seriously, the repeat of the plot is slightly annoying, but the deaths and fear make up for it. I My opinion, they should have mixed FD4 and 5 into one movie. Ending of FD5 + Actors, deaths and graphics of FD4 = Epic.

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Trust me, there is no exercise that can compare to the pain of a 2k erg test. You won't understand until you've done it.

77 - Truest thing ever... 2K time? ;D

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7:59, I'm 15 and a girl :P I'm working on it. You?

Omg that happened to me but it was a real kayak

Omg yeah, he died! He's a ghostie zombie!

37- "Did you died?" You used a littled too muched past tensed there. Calm down now.

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I thought I was the only one who caught that. ^

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Hate to break it to you, but there is no comparison to rowing (even on an erg) to kayaking.

#5) I think you mean squats. And yes squats will improve your balance.

Why would you do a squad? I doubt Op is a slutty cheerleader.

I could see myself doing something like that

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At least no one took pictures first! That's pretty embarrassing

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That's why they have a button.

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That's kinda y everyone is hating on ya bro. Cuz it was obvious in the first place

It's even worse that no one would know why you were laughing.

Hahaha yeah. Seeing some random person start laughing and fall off a machine. Oh man. I would've fell over laughing too OP if I seen that.

They must think he's crazy... Haha! Poor guy... :')