By Anonymous - / Wednesday 30 May 2012 14:06 / Ireland - Cork
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  crew2798  |  2

Don't worry about it! I'm a rower and I see people attempting to erg all the time at the gym. 99% of people do it wrong and I've seen people fall off countless times. Don't be embarrassed :)


I just like the eerie thought that death cannot be escaped, and the lack of control in that matter.

And the deaths.
I like a good variety of ways to die in a movie. That's why I like 1000 ways to die.

But seriously, the repeat of the plot is slightly annoying, but the deaths and fear make up for it.
I My opinion, they should have mixed FD4 and 5 into one movie. Ending of FD5 + Actors, deaths and graphics of FD4 = Epic.

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